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mySentry for Grown-Ups

By Naomi Kingery

Social Community Manager

Posted:  5/24/2012 3:00 PM


A few months ago I had two lows in the middle of the night which resulted in 6 Starbursts and 2 protein bar wrappers thrown on the floor next to my bed. The next morning my mom saw the wrappers and immediately told me how guilty she felt for not catching them. That day she cried, and she cried hard, over the fact that even though it’s been 10 years and I’ve moved from a child with diabetes to a 20-something adult with diabetes, it is still hard for her to watch my struggle and to feel helpless during these times.

It was at that point that I decided that once mySentry became available, I would buy one. Not only for me (although I knew the real benefit would be for me) but it would be a gift for my parents. Because although they have never been the type to wake me up every night as a routine for a middle of the night blood check (maybe because I was diagnosed at the age of 12), they shouldn’t have to have worried sleepless nights or feel guilty any longer. And after only a few weeks with the mySentry, my mom has already caught a few highs and lows (the first time she caught a low we cheered, which was strange but funny all at the same time).

In the short time that I’ve had it, here are a few tips I have learned:

• When you set it up, don’t forget to link your pump to your outpost--- like I did! You have to link your monitor to your pump AND your monitor to the outpost.

• Experiment with the settings to see what works best, like changing the lighting or the volume. Since I’m an adult and have done most of diabetes management on my own for years, we have decided to turn it on silent so my parents can just roll over and look at the screen instead of feeling like they have to always come downstairs just to check on me. But we also decided that on the days where I know I might have issues, we will turn up the volume.

• If you would like to, you can turn it off during the day when you aren’t home so it isn’t still trying to communicate with your pump.  Just unplug the power supply chord from the back of the monitor (you don’t have to unplug it from the wall).

• It doesn’t matter what your age is, both the person wearing the pump and the person viewing the monitor should discuss what different things mean that may appear on the screen…not as they are happening at 3AM because that can be annoying, but beforehand! We went through the user guide together, and I gave a reminder crash course on what pump and sensor alerts mean (like Meter BG Now or how many units you need in your reservoir to last through the night).

I am excited to see how mySentry will continue to bring value to my life and my family’s life. There is no reason you have to manage your diabetes solely on your own, and this product has reminded me of that.

The real-time glucose values provided by the mySentry monitor, as received from the Paradigm REAL-Time Revel insulin pump, are not intended to be used directly for making therapy adjustments. Rather, they provide an indication that may require a confirmation fingerstick measurement. All therapy adjustments should be based on measurements obtained using a blood glucose meter and not based on the value displayed by the monitor or Paradigm REAL-Time Revel insulin pump.

Once you turn off an alarm on the mySentry monitor, you need to attend to the alarm on the pump itself. You cannot respond to pump alarms directly through the mySentry monitor.

Failure to monitor your blood glucose independently of the real-time glucose values provided by the mySentry monitor, as received from the Paradigm REAL-Time Revel insulin pump, may result in hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia and significant physical injury, including death.

Transmission of all data or alarms cannot be guaranteed with the mySentry system.
Please visit for complete details.

Please visit for complete safety information.


Mike Hoskins

Posted on Thu May 24 13:49:10 GMT 2012

Thanks for writing this, Naomi! I like how you looked at this through your parents' eyes, and did it in part to give them some peace of mind. Very unnerving this whole D-Life can be, for children and adults alike. Hope it's helped alleviate the need for late-night Starburst and protein bars (note: I said "need," not necessarily desire...).

Marion Witt

Posted on Thu May 24 18:58:30 GMT 2012

Naomi dear... what a blessing you are to so many people in ways you will never know! I am thankful to Medtronic for the wonderful products and devices they continually develop to help diabetics deal with their situation while living life to the fullest... and you are a prime example of that!

Jan Taylor

Posted on Thu May 24 19:29:54 GMT 2012

Sweet Naomi,
I knew monitoring was complicated, and now know why. You are such an amazing daughter of the King. I praise God for keeping you in His care and for giving you the family He has! We really love working out with you...the stretching is wonderful and I always giggle at your lines, especially when I'm trying to balance and the 'wind' blows me over. My love to you and hope your semester is finished and finished well.

Naomi Kingery

Posted on Thu May 24 19:45:45 GMT 2012

You are welcome, Mike! I had a few discussions with my parents about it to make sure it reflected their reality as well. The mySentry has definitely helped minimze the Starburst and protein bars as well as catching some of the high numbers that I tend to get so sick of! It has also helped with some of my crazy-day mistakes like low reservoir and battery alarms- oops! So glad you enjoyed it, thank you for always commenting on the blog.

Barbara Ziegler

Posted on Fri May 25 03:05:11 GMT 2012

I am an adult with 48 years of Type I diabetes, using the Paradigm and CGMS. I do not hear the alarms on my pump while sleeping, and have habituated to the vibration. I thought that My Sentry would be of real benefit to me--I could set the alarm so I could hear it, and see the display without glasses. Then I learned it costs $2400! I was appalled by this; I can't imagine the technology is complex enough to require that amount of money. It seems exploitative, and that MM is playing on parental guilt and fears in their marketing this device to parents at that cost. I am disappointed to see this happen with MM.

Ashish Wanakar

Posted on Fri May 25 04:42:55 GMT 2012

Hiiiiiii... I am Ashish frim India doing Master of Veterinary Science in Veterinary Microbiology. I am suffering from type I diabetes since 2007 now I am fed up from taking three injection of insulin per day I want to install insulin pump please tell me it is better for me or not..............

Karrie Hawbaker

Posted on Fri May 25 17:09:00 GMT 2012

Hello Ashish. Thanks for reaching out to us. We’re the US team, though. You may use the web address at the bottom of this response to find your local contact who would be happy to help you. We also recommend consulting with your physician who can assist you with determining the best treatment for you.

Nancy James

Posted on Sat May 26 22:17:09 GMT 2012

So thankful this is working so well You just keep blazing a trail for others,always with something new. You're the best!

Karrie Hawbaker

Posted on Wed May 30 20:18:00 GMT 2012

Hi Barbara. We hear your concern and we understand. We know the cost of this first-of-its kind medical technology may be a challenge for some families, especially in these difficult economic times. We are actively doing what we can to ensure access to mySentry for as many people as possible including seeking reimbursement. The good news is that we have a positive track record of gaining coverage for new types of diabetes technology (i.e. CGM) with the help of patients and healthcare providers advocating for these therapies. In fact, two insurers have already agreed to cover mySentry after patients and their healthcare providers requested coverage. If you’re interested in information about how to pursue coverage from your insurance company, you can download a Reimbursement Tool Kit here:

Stacy G

Posted on Sat Jun 16 12:12:18 GMT 2012

Karrie. I am curious about the two insurers that have agreed to cover mySentry. I tried to get mySentry when it first became available in January and our insurance denied it. I am very interested in mySentry to help with my son's diabetes management.


Posted on Fri Jun 22 17:18:41 GMT 2012

Hi Stacy - thanks for reaching out! I've forwarded your comment to someone on our team who will be in touch with you shortly to see what we can do to help.

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