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We Need Your Vote! Diabetes Ambassador Election 2012!

By Karrie Hawbaker

Public Relations Manager

Posted:  11/6/2012 4:18 PM


In the spirit of the 2012 U.S. General Election held today, we thought we would run an election of our own to determine your favorite Medtronic sponsored Diabetes Ambassador of all-time. Over the last 30 years, several characters have helped us communicate with kids and kids at heart in the diabetes community. Today, the Bolus Wizard, Carl the Chameleon, and Lenny the Lion are each asking for your vote for favorite all-time Diabetes Ambassador. The candidates contributions to those living with diabetes are outlined below. We encourage you to vote and share why you chose your candidate in the comments below. We will tally the votes and announce the election results for overall favorite ambassador on November 9th.

Bolus Wizard
Wise and experienced, the Bolus Wizard has been making mealtime bolusing easier since 2002. Test your BG, tell him your carbs, and he’ll calculate your bolus. His campaign promises include never forgetting your insulin on board and magic. Because, well, he is a wizard. 

Carl the Chameleon
Better looking than John F. Kennedy, Carl stands for style. He entered the Medtronic scene with the launch of our relationship with SkinIT, allowing pumpers to personalize the look and feel of their insulin pumps. Cast your vote for Carl and look forward to a future with your favorite design, sports team or alma mater.

Lenny the Lion
Lenny the Lion is handsome, clever and so much more. A LWD (lion with diabetes) himself, he stands tall for diabetes education worldwide. After developing his own carb counting app (available on iTunes and the Android market), he has what it takes to get America’s insulin pumping again. Since 2006 he’s shared his message of living a full and active life with diabetes – from hosting  the Junior Cup Diabetes in Europe to attending diabetes camps, JDRF walks and ADA Expos across the U.S. Always a lion of action, he goes home with every child 12 years and younger who is brand new to insulin pump therapy and starts on a Medtronic insulin pump. Once elected, he promises to continue to take the time to personally teach each of these children all about how to insert infusion sets and continuous glucose monitoring sensors.

Now that you have a general understanding of what each candidate has brought to the diabetes community, it’s time to VOTE!


Jerod Bittle

Posted on Tue Nov 06 18:41:09 GMT 2012

I vote for Lenny the Loin because, I really like Lenny and he has diabetes just like me.

Hayley Patterson

Posted on Tue Nov 06 18:54:49 GMT 2012

I vote for Lenny the Lion. I think having him to help children start out is an awesome idea, and would be comforting as a child.

Patti Burke

Posted on Tue Nov 06 19:25:47 GMT 2012

I vote for the Bolus Wizard! I would be lost without him!

Kaitlyn Grady

Posted on Tue Nov 06 20:19:56 GMT 2012

Lenny the lion

Karen Graffeo

Posted on Tue Nov 06 22:21:03 GMT 2012

This is really cute!!! I have to admit, I love my Lenny the Lion . . . . . but I think I have to cast my vote for the Bolus Wizard. I hadn't seen him before and he's adorable, and like Patti said, I'd be lost without my pump's bolus wizard.

Carol Cluka

Posted on Wed Nov 07 00:37:19 GMT 2012

Lenny Lion 100%


Posted on Wed Nov 07 02:47:58 GMT 2012

Bolus Wizard!!! :D


Posted on Thu Nov 08 10:01:06 GMT 2012


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