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#TBT: The Best Advice Given After Diagnosed With Diabetes

By Karrie Hawbaker

Public Relations Manager

Posted:  6/26/2014 6:22 PM


Being diagnosed with diabetes can prompt a lot of questions, confusion, and uncertainty. Once a Throwback Thursday ago, we asked some of our friends in the community for the best advice they received when they were first diagnosed with diabetes. Here’s what they shared. How about you? What’s the best advice you were told when diagnosed?

  1. “Diabetes should not be your identity. You have diabetes, you are not a diabetic.” - Elizabeth Sachs Liebowitz
  2. “Switching to pump therapy.” - Julie McGregor Carstens
  3. “Insulin is the medicine that keeps me healthy. Dx'd T1 20 yrs ago, pumping 8 years, so far no complications. Be your own advocate and knowledge is power!” - Karl Julie Townsend
  4. “21 years ago, blood sugars over 700 in the ER: I asked if I can still have a baby, one person said, “It will take a lot of work, but nothing is impossible.” My daughter is 11 years old now and healthy. I was happy to keep my dream of being a mother.” - Angela Howard
  5. “I was 11 years old and my doctor told me "Never let this disease be an excuse for anything. It won't hold you back unless you let it." - Liz Kennedy
  6. “I have been on the pump 2 1/2 years now and I love it. Have such better control. Eating right and getting the exercise you need helps to keep your BGs under such good control. I do agree not to let the diabetes control you but how to control it.” - Phyllis Inglesby
  7. “I was dx'd in 1956 at 9 years old. I don't remember what advice I may have received, but I can tell you this now, 58 years later, using the MiniMed 530G system: Test. Eat properly. Rest. Listen to your body. Talk to your doctors. Do NOT hide this disease from anyone. Take pride in the length of time you've had diabetes, because you deserve the pat on the back. Always let everyone know you have. You may run into a problem that needs attention...and without someone knowing you have diabetes, you could end up in serious...critical...trouble.” - Michael Dardenelle
  8. “Learn all you can, test frequently and adjust accordingly.” - Steve Kooy
  9. “You can let diabetes control you or you can control your diabetes.” - Debbie Seaye Loveless
  10. "Count your carbs.” - Jill Estell Bock


Amy L

Posted on Fri Jun 27 05:08:57 GMT 2014

Wonderful advice here! From the time I was first diagnosed at age 5, my doctor told my parents and me to hang in there. He said over and over that he believes there will be a cure in my lifetime. It helps me to not give up, even on the worst of days!


Posted on Fri Jun 27 19:03:40 GMT 2014

That’s a great attitude, Amy! Thank you for sharing with us. I’m glad you’ve found this advice helpful and inspiring.


Posted on Mon Jun 30 14:53:11 GMT 2014

My 13yo daughter was diagnosed 2 weeks ago. 2 pieces of advice hit home the most. The ER nurse told her "you have 2 arms, 2 legs and 2 great parents... You are going to be just fine!" And the 2nd, Her endocrinologist, telling both my daughter an ME that this disease is not my fault... Even if I knew it was happening, there's nothing I could have done to prevent it.


Posted on Mon Jun 30 21:55:51 GMT 2014

Thank you for sharing this with us, Janna. It sounds like you’ve received some great advice so far. I know this is a difficult and emotional time for you and your family. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to join our community on Facebook - If you have any questions or if you’d like to be connected with someone who has been through what you and your family is currently going through, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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