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Spring Forward, It's Daylight Savings Time!

By Amanda Sheldon

Managing Editor

Posted:  3/8/2013 7:56 PM


Spring is almost here, which means that it’s time for Daylight Savings Time! On March 10, most of us here in the U.S. “spring forward” our clocks by one hour. The time on your insulin pump/continuous glucose monitor (CGM) determines your personal settings (including basal and bolus rates), so you’ll want to make sure it is always up-to-date. 

When you are changing your clocks and watches, be sure to follow the steps below to update your pump and CGM:

Device: Minimed Paradigm®  REAL-Time Revel™, 522/722, 515/715, 512/712, and the Guardian® REAL-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System.

1. Go to the TIME/DATE SETUP Screen 
    HOME Screen > MAIN MENU > UTILITIES > Time/Date
2. Select 12 Hour Setup or 24 Hour Setup and press ACT.
3. Press ACT again to change the settings.
4. Change each of the settings as follows: 
a. Change the hour. Press ACT.
For 12-hour setups, press the UP or DOWN arrows until the correct A (am) or P (pm)  appears.
b. Change the minutes. Press ACT.
c. Change the year. Press ACT.
d. Change the month. Press ACT.
e. Change the day. Press ACT.
5. The TIME SET AT screen will show the settings that you programmed. 

After you’ve programmed the new time, always double check your settings (especially that the AM/ PM setting is correct).
Press ACT and exit the menus.

Remember to synchronize the clocks on your computer, insulin pump, and blood glucose meter to maintain accurate times for the data you upload to CareLink®.  More information is available in our help and support section of our Web site.

Happy spring!



Posted on Sat Mar 09 00:21:14 GMT 2013

Thank you for me having a way of printing out what you have said about updating your Insulin Pump for Daylight Savings Time. I have had my Medtronic Insulin Pump for over 4 years now and I have enjoyed it very much. I am on my 45th year of being a Type 1 diabetic and eat a very healthy Whole Wheat diet.
Once again, thank you for giving all of us that us an Insulin Pump the way to upgrade them during Daylight Savings Time.


Posted on Sat Mar 09 04:01:30 GMT 2013

Is there a plan to have software track this change (savings time)? Would be a nice option and shouldn't take up much 'space' in the electronics/programming.

Would also be nice to have a clock/date function that can auto check and calibrate to the national clock or through the internet when uploading data for example.

I foresee a future where GPS could also track (as an on/off function) location and handle time zone changes with a verify for travellers. Some locations would be tricky as the lines are not always straight forward but it would generally be a great help. Besides, programming space should increase as technology moves forward.


Posted on Mon Mar 11 16:59:07 GMT 2013

Hi Taepo, thanks for the suggestion! I’ll be sure to pass that along to the product development team.

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