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Paint the Town Blue - It’s World Diabetes Day!

By Naomi Kingery

Social Community Manager

Posted:  11/14/2011 12:00 AM


I have had diabetes for a decade with my diagnosis occurring at the age of twelve. Of course, it changed everything about my life and I have worked for the past ten years to continue to learn how to embrace my diabetes. I struggled at first but when I got involved in the diabetes community, it changed everything. I found other people who knew what it was like to put a needle into their thigh and pinky.

When I finally realized I wasn’t alone, I realized the next natural step for me would be to unite with others like me to become an advocate for diabetes awareness. Advocacy would soon begin to occur for me in every day life, like using questions about my pump as open doors to share about diabetes, to uniting with others who believe in making lives better for those in the community so our voices can be louder. And by taking a job at Medtronic it would then allow me to be an advocate an additional 40 hours a week.

The community has been all sorts of a buzz this month as it is Diabetes Awareness Month. Groups like the Diabetes Advocates have worked on making the blue circle logo more visible to have one united logo that is tied to our disease. There have been exciting and creative projects like The World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange, Blue Fridays, The Big Blue Test and D-Blog Day out in the community. I of course have jumped at the chance of taking part in it all.

So out there the diabetes community, my community, this month marks a wonderful excuse to put advocacy on sugar free steroids. But has the advocacy within those circles cascaded beyond those lines?

The answer is YES…and I could not be more proud.

Last week, an internal Medtronic email communication went out to all employees with a blue circle logo so large it smacked you in the face. I smiled so big. The email stated that World Diabetes Day was upon us, and there were a few activities they wanted employees to get involved in to celebrate.

With the days leading up to November 14, they were not the typical work days!

  • The building was lit up blue from November 10-14.
  • Employees were given white buttons with the blue circle that says "world diabetes day" and were encouraged to wear it on Monday.
  • Emails of glaring statistics were sent out daily encouraged by this year’s theme “Diabetes Education and Prevention”, with email headers like “Diabetes Kills One Person Every Eight Seconds.”
  • Dr. Kaufman, our Chief Medical Officer, did a podcast on tackling non-communicable like diabetes worldwide.
  • Employees were given the opportunity to light a virtual candle.
  • They served blue sugar free cupcakes in the cafeteria and had more d-friendly food than normal. (YUM!)
  • Employees came to work today wearing blue. (My personal favorite!)
So here I am, still basking in the glory of our blue month and its significance…and the best part is, it’s only halfway through. To my fellow DOC advocates and all of those in the world of diabetes who strive to get the word out there, know that it is making such a big difference! Be encouraged, and stay motivated, and know that we have the opportunity to ‘paint the town blue’ every day of the year.

Hoping you had a Diabetes Day as wonderful as mine, and that the rest of your month and your year is a reminder that you truly are not alone.

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mercedes astacio

Posted on Thu Nov 17 03:06:20 GMT 2011

ive been diagnose with diabetes for 3 years now i try everything the pill insulin pen nothing seem to work till now i just got my insulin pump 2 months ago and is great my ac1 went from 12.4 to 7.6 in just 2 months im so happy

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