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My Thoughts on the New CONTOUR NEXT LINK Meter

By Karen Graffeo

Guest Blogger

Posted:  6/4/2013 3:00 PM


My very first blood glucose meter was probably about the size of a brick, and in my mind it was as heavy as a brick too. This was back in the early 1980’s when meters required a huge blood sample (by today’s standards) and several minutes to give a reading, but it was so much better than the urine testing that had been my only option. Over the years I’ve watched meters grow smaller and faster and easier to use. While I’ve appreciated each fancy new meter, I’m not sure I’ve ever had one I really loved . . . . . until a few months ago when I started using my new Bayer CONTOUR NEXT LINK. Here are several of the reasons why I’m so thrilled with my new meter:

• It has a bright color screen. I think I like the “bright” more than the “color,” because my old meter had an unlit gray display that was often hard for me to see. The bright screen on the CONTOUR NEXT LINK is easy to see in any lighting, and the color graphics are a fun, updated perk.

• It has a port light where the strip goes. This makes middle of the night testing so much easier for me. I no longer have to fumble with a flashlight!

• It tells me when I need to put more blood on the strip. All of my old meters would just throw up an error code if my blood sample was too small. I love that this meter gives me the chance to squeeze some more out so it can run the test. It also seems to need much less blood than the last meter I was using, which is an added bonus!

• I can use it to upload my data to CareLink. For a while I had been really good at uploading my pump and looking over the reports regularly. But then I got lazy about digging out the USB Upload Device. Since the CONTOUR NEXT LINK can also be used to upload my data, and since I usually have my meter within reach, I’m back to uploading and looking at my reports weekly.

• It is rechargeable. No more batteries, yay!!! At first I was nervous about how often the meter would need to be charged, but every time I look at the battery icon it’s barely gone down. The meter charges itself when I upload to CareLink once a week and I’m good to go.

• It is nice and small. I carry A LOT of diabetes stuff around with me, so when my diabetes supplies get smaller and lighter I’m always happy.

Blood glucose meters sure have come a long way in the 30 or so years I’ve been using them! How about you? Have you tried the new CONTOUR NEXT LINK? If so, what did you think?



Posted on Tue Jun 04 19:21:26 GMT 2013

I am nine years old and just got my Contour Next Link at Christmas. I love it even better than my old meter. Like the article said its so bright and uses so little blood. I think this is the best meter I have ever used in the last 5 years. All I can say is LOVE IT.


Posted on Tue Jun 04 22:20:41 GMT 2013

I am totally agree with you I love my new meter BUT!!!! I hate the pouch... It is funny that such nice ultramodern gadget has a NOT FUNCTIONAL display on its pouch, I am right handle and the strip goes to the left, the strips container does not allow to closet it, and you cannot place any ID on the exterior bag

Louis Glockzin III

Posted on Tue Jun 04 22:24:18 GMT 2013

I think the contour next link is neat... every time I try to get one through Facebook I end up with another meter... I would like to try the Cotour Next Link... send me one...



Posted on Tue Jun 04 22:45:26 GMT 2013

I too love the new Contour Link..unfortunately I had to discontinue using it after my free strips ran out due to my insurance only paying 6.84 on a bottle of 100. I use most of those in a month so I guess I'll have to find someone who can afford the strips to give it to. :(


Posted on Tue Jun 04 22:49:21 GMT 2013

I love the idea of this meter, just not the practicality of it. Lighting up at night? Great! Lets you know when you need a little more blood for the test? Awesome. But seriously, having to carry around another dang charger for another device that I have to make sure I plug in once a week or so or I'm stuck without my glucose machine? Seriously? Who thought this was a good idea? They should be fired. You want things to be EASIER on your customers, not more difficult in such a BASIC function. BIG FAT FAIL on your part here. I'd rather have to carry a slightly larger meter than have to worry about another charger and making sure I do it every week. I'm seriously disappointed in this machine and am going to make sure everyone I talk to about diabetes care and management knows it.

Susan Wells

Posted on Tue Jun 04 23:06:05 GMT 2013

I love love love my contour next link meter. The only thing when it tells me it needs more blood I'm not sure the reading is correct. I rechecked with a new strip right away and it differed by 15 points higher than the first reading.


Posted on Tue Jun 04 23:17:29 GMT 2013

I also have Contour Next Link Meter, one suggestion The vial the test strips comes in is to large. It doesn't need to be so big. the case works better with a small diameter vial.

I have had to adapt. I have been insulin dependent for 26 years now. By far the best meter. Works well with my pump.

Thanks a lot.

Mary Burns

Posted on Tue Jun 04 23:51:01 GMT 2013

I love this new meter, and Medtronics sent it to me absolutely FREE!! I love the button that you can push for either before meal or after meal. Makes things so much more clearer for the dr. Best thing Medtronics ever developed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted on Wed Jun 05 00:14:48 GMT 2013

I would agree. I too love the new Contour Next Meter. However, I agree with Monica with regards to the pouch. It's a terrible design. Apparently a non diabetic designed it. It's a shame that "they" couldn't come up with a better design. AND thank God for the coupon otherwise I too would not be using the Contour as the strips would be too costly even with what the insurance pays.

Jerry Nolan

Posted on Wed Jun 05 00:35:44 GMT 2013

I agree with everything said. The meter is absolutely wonderful. I don't know how they could make it any better but the case is typical of Bayer. It STINKS!! The strap that holds the test strip container requires 2 hands to use!the strap that holds the meter is better but too tight and I end up pulling the cap off trying to get it out. Again 2 hands!!the case is overall too small. I have always carried a pen to write down information and a folded Kleenex to blot the blood. Again no room. It is the poorest design I've ever seen!


Posted on Wed Jun 05 01:09:00 GMT 2013

My daughter and I are both Type 1's and both have started using the meter within the last 2 months. The two of us like the brighter, color screen and the fact that if you don't put enough blood on the strip, it allows you to put more on instead of wasting the strip. However, we both agree that the case is terrible! The vial is too big, the strap around the meter is tight and poorly placed, the interior zipper is awkward because it zips from right to left, and there is no place to safely put identification on the outside. Also, having the strip port on the left hand side if hard to use. Finally, the lancet device is large and loud! Overall, we like and it will continue to use it, but would like to see some improvements!! I hope they take into consideration all of these comments by diabetics who use this product every day.


Posted on Wed Jun 05 01:25:43 GMT 2013

For the most part I liked the meter (loved the size and the easier to read screen!), but I agree with Lauren about the charging. Checking blood sugar is my daughter's lifeline and I don't want to chance not being able to check because the charge ran out. The old meter is simple for a child to use, push in strip and add blood. Half the time my daughter doesn't even pull out the strip. The new meter you have to push a few more buttons and I am afraid she will forget to do it (she is 8 years old). I will stick with the old meter for now.

Mary Beth

Posted on Wed Jun 05 01:34:48 GMT 2013

I agree with alot of the above. My complaint is that it is not made for lefties and the case is just too small.

BRian Politz

Posted on Wed Jun 05 01:43:00 GMT 2013

I have to agree.. The case is very poor and to small - hoping they will fix this

Cynthia Romero

Posted on Wed Jun 05 03:01:04 GMT 2013

Diabetic almost 41 years, of course insulin dependant ALL OF THESE YEARS! Medtronic pump user...almost 13 years. 2 weeks of using this new meter. Not 100% certain if I like it. A few steps in a small machine just to get a reading & get it to link onto my pump! I do like the size of the meter & yes the colors on the screen are cool. The strip container is way too bulky, the pouch is too small to hold the 3 items its made to hold.....the fringer pricker gizmo is not cool either!
Thus far.....not 100% certain if Like it? I am stuck with it....I made the change with my prescription order....maybe too soon. For now (till my 90 day supply of test strips are used up) I will continue to use this....Contour NextLink Meter.

Carole Barnhard

Posted on Wed Jun 05 10:57:01 GMT 2013

It is much easier to carry around and easy to use..i just wish the case was a little bigger so everything fit in it...Thanks medtronic for supplying it to us.


Posted on Wed Jun 05 13:16:53 GMT 2013

I'm not sure why we have to push the button to send results to the pump..of course I want my results sent to my pump! Love the new size. Overall a big LIKE!

Cathy Hunt

Posted on Wed Jun 05 14:15:28 GMT 2013

I love the new Contour Next link, but the case is terrable !!
New case design PLEASE !!!!

Chris O.

Posted on Wed Jun 05 15:05:09 GMT 2013

I loved my Contour meter the 1st few days I had it but now that I've had it a month or so I really dislike it. First off the case is way too small and because of that I've broken my lancet device (the one that came with the meter) trying to zip it into the case. The strip container is way too big. I usually store other diabetic items in my tester case and this one does not allow that. I've been carrying around my old meter so I can still use it and the case is a much better size. I use my old one more often than the Contour. I don't know what I'm going to do once I run out of strips for my old meter. I really dislike this new one!
I wish that I could turn off the 'before meal', 'after meal' thing. I don't use that option ever and it's just an annoyance especially when I'm low and just want to know my sugar asap. My boyfriend tests me often during the night and he has asked me how to turn that option off since it holds him up when testing me. I understand many diabetics like those options but not all of us use or need it. It's unnecessary for me and is an annoyance.
Another problem I have is that it takes forever for the thing to shut off and because the case is so small I have a very hard time shutting the Contour off manually. The plastic holder for the contour is just not located properly inside the case. I'm back to the case. It's horrible and has completely me turned me off this tester. I hate it. So sorry but being T1 for 43 yrs has made me pretty picky.

Mary Burns

Posted on Wed Jun 05 15:48:13 GMT 2013

I see in all the comments that the main complaint is the case. I just put everything in a bigger case that I had from a previous tester and viola!! No problem, everything fits fine and I have other supplies that I need in there as well...LOVE THE CONTOUR METER!!!


Posted on Wed Jun 05 16:07:17 GMT 2013

I agree with everyone about the case being too small and the vial being too large. I ended up transferring my strips to a smaller vial so it fits better. I also hate the fact that I am right handed and the meter is more for a left handed person. But the worst part about it is that my BSL readings run higher compared to my other meters and my CGM. Everytime I try to calibrate my CGM with the Contour's result, it's about 20 gms higher. I then check it against my old meter and it's more in line with my CGM. The only real advantages to me are that it links to my pump and is easy to use at night. But if the readings are way off, why use it?


Posted on Wed Jun 05 19:05:09 GMT 2013

I have lived with diabetes for over 65 years, and this tiny little glucose meter is the best thang ever except my insulin pump! I have seen lots of changes since i was diagnosed way back in 1948. A small glucose meter over having to oil my urine, what an improvement!


Posted on Wed Jun 05 23:46:28 GMT 2013

Thank you all for your comments. I’m glad to hear most of you are enjoying your new CONTOUR NEXT LINK meter and I’ll be sure to pass along the additional feedback to our colleagues at Bayer. To learn more about using this meter with your Medtronic device, visit our website at Susan, for clarification on your question I recommend contacting Bayer support directly at 1.800.348.8100.


Posted on Thu Jun 06 19:44:18 GMT 2013

This is all great discussion! You all might be interested in the CONTOUR CHOICE program. Since test strip coverage varies by insurance plan, Bayer offers the CONTOUR CHOICE program to help with co-payments. You can find more information at


Posted on Fri Jun 14 00:44:07 GMT 2013

Regarding your last bullet point, I feel the meter is now too small. It is hard to hold because it is so thin. Because of its thinness, the meter has to be turned from a vertical to a horizontal position to read the results. While I can deal with the meter being small, the case is too small for the meter, test strips, and poker. It's all crammed inside. As a result, I can't seem to switch from my old meter.


Posted on Tue Jun 18 02:03:37 GMT 2013

Anyone else having trouble reading the meter screen when outside? I need to be able to check my blood sugars when biking or walking. Almost impossible to read the screen - never had this problem with other meters.

Adrina Lavigne

Posted on Wed Jun 19 01:53:06 GMT 2013

Sine I have been a T1 for 46 yrs. I have become very particular in the products I use. I have been considering the change to the new Contour meter. The biggest reason I have not yet made the change is the reliability of results. After reading a lot of negative comments related to the reliability, I am convinced my gut feeling is correct. My copayment for my current test strips is not cheap, but I trust its tests results. I like a convenient meter case. Please don't sell me a product that doesn't perform. It is not my job to find a case to fit correctly. I will not be changing until test results are proven reliable. Not on my radar until Bayer hires a T1 engineer to design the case. That person will know what's needed. And the price of the strips has to be palatable. We all know, it's not the price of the meter it's the ongoing supply of strips where the money is made. And what's this I read, I have to manually input my meter results into my pump. It's 2013 and my old pump has been doing that for . Thanks all, for helping me make my decision.


Posted on Fri Jun 21 23:35:57 GMT 2013

@Adrina - some products work better for different people. I've been really impressed with my new Contour NextLink meter, but I thought everyone gets them for free and I know I got some strips to go with it, so why not try it. I've been extremely happy with the accuracy.

Who says a T1 engineer didn't design the case or any of your other products. I don't like, like many others have said, that the case for the stips is too large. But let's face it, have you had a perfect case for all your other meters? I personally use an old meter case from another company, a different lancing device from yet another, and actually put my strips in an old smaller strip case from yet another. Who knows, you may actually like the case.

The meter does, in fact, transmit to the pump, so I don't know where they got that idea, and with respect to the price, you won't know until you check. Doesn't mean you have to go with it, but take other people's opinions for what they are, their opinions.


Posted on Sat Jul 13 18:24:03 GMT 2013

love the meter EXCEPT why do I have to send the results to my pump? I'd really like it if it automatically went to the pump! It seems half the time I forget to send to the pump then it takes twice as long to take a bolus or figure if I need a correction.


Posted on Tue Jul 23 06:00:35 GMT 2013

It's pretty but just not practical! I don't want to have to push a million buttons to get a reading and have it sent to my pump. Bayer it's not hard- insert strip, apply blood, result !(with auto send to pump). That's all I want! I respect those who would like to add comments or decide what is/is not sent but I sure don't want those options slowing me down.


Posted on Fri Jul 26 14:16:51 GMT 2013

I really like the new Contour next meter. You just have to set it up to automatically send the results to the pump. You probably didn't set it up that way, and are just assuming that it does not do that. The only thing I do not like about the meter is that the case is too small for the strips container. If it were a little larger, or the strip case a little smaller, it would be great. I also do not like that the strip entrance point is on the left- although I suppose that lefties will be happy that finally something was designed for them.

Patricia Taylor

Posted on Sat Jul 27 19:25:13 GMT 2013

I agree with those who dislike this meter. I've had diabetes for 54 years and have appreciated the things that make my life simpler. This meter simply does not do that. I have to take it out of the case to use it. I have to send the big reading to the pump. The case is impractical. I immediately went back to my old lancet. The only thing good about it is it works.

Carol Juul

Posted on Mon Jul 29 03:56:10 GMT 2013

I don't like the case because the strap for my meter eventually will not hold it and when I open it up the meter falls out, I got something different to put it in. Everyone is right the case stinks!


Posted on Wed Jul 31 15:47:23 GMT 2013

So in case you didn't know (and I had to call Bayer, who then called Medronic to find out) the Medtronic-provided meter may not automatically send to the pump until you select "Send" after the reading. It depends on the model of Pump you're using.

The "newer" Contour Nexts have an option to ALWAYS send to the pump without prompting. My physician gave me one of these yesterday.

Supposedly, the Contours sent to Revel pump users have that option. The Contours sent to Paradigm users do not. You can tell which is which by looking at the model number on the back of the meter. Revel users have model 9632; Paradigm users will have received 9624.

Hope this is useful!


Posted on Wed Jul 31 17:47:44 GMT 2013

Thanks for the feedback, Tony! You’re correct that there are different settings required for the Paradigm 522 and the Revel insulin pumps to enable blood glucose meter communication and to tailor the settings to meet your needs. For future reference, visit our website for a step-by-step process If you have any more questions or need help please just let me know.


Posted on Wed Jul 31 21:14:31 GMT 2013

I work outside and exercise outside. There is one big problem with the meter you can not read the meter in day light. If you have small childern at sporting or other outside events take a meter you can read outside. Bayer as sent me dofferent meter that works outside but will not link to pump and the case was desgined by someone that wasn't diabetic.

Lewis Gant

Posted on Thu Aug 01 02:04:09 GMT 2013

I agree with most of the comments the case is too small and the strip vial is too large the case will hardly zip up. I like the rechargeable batt.

Jim S

Posted on Fri Sep 06 14:14:47 GMT 2013

The meter is acceptable, except there are problems. I can't read the numbers outside, especially in sunlight. I have to wait until the reading is sent to the pump, and then read it on the pump (which is easily read outside). Also, this meter takes a larger drop of blood than my previous one, which is usually not a problem, but it's an aggravation. Plus it takes extra care to insure that the strip is inserted fully, since it doesn't always slide all the way in at first. And the worse thing is the case. Who would have designed something like that? The strip vial is too large -- I transfer the strips to my old meter vial, which is smaller, otherwise I could never zip the case shut.


Posted on Fri Sep 06 16:25:36 GMT 2013

Thank you all for your additional comments. I’ll be sure to share your thoughts with our colleagues at Bayer.

Bryon C

Posted on Sun Sep 22 16:37:01 GMT 2013

I really like the Contour Next Link meter. I got mine with my new medtronic insulin pump. I was excited that it came with a sample of strips too. It seems like the other meters have stopped doing that and it is a good way to test it out before changing my perscription. As for the case comments everyone has been making... it is not the greatest. It is designed to fit the items that came with the meter. If you use a different lancing device, or a different bottle to hold the strips, of course it won't fit correctly. I don't have such a problem with it. In fact, I like the fact that the case is so small. I carry a bag (sort of like a briefcase) and smaller is better. Some other people here have commented on some of the meter functions, like the fact that you have to enter before meal or after meal before you get your results. You can turn these functions off. It is very customizable and I find it quite nice. If I take a test on my right hand, I have to turn the meter upside down to put the blood in the strip, but then I just turn it around again, no big deal. The only gripe I have about this meter is about the lancing device. I did not like it. So, being a typical diabetic, I just use one of my old ones. It is loose in the case, but that is my fault, not Bayer's. The built-in USB is awesome. No more searching around for cables to connect to the computer. This also is how it charges the battery. I test about 7 times a day, and I swear, the battery lasts about two months before it asks to be recharged and would probably go another couple of days after that, but I have never risked it. Overall, I really like this meter. There are some functions people may not like, but most of those can be turned off, or adjusted. Thanks Bayer for making an awesome meter.

Gregg J

Posted on Wed Sep 25 21:08:59 GMT 2013

While I agree on the less than optimal carrying pouch and the overly large strip container (I put my strips into a competitors container), I am really irritated about having to confirm sending results to my pump. Since you can already setup the meter to ask or never send results to pump, wouldn't it seem obvious to also have the option to always send results to pump without the need to prompt for confirmation? My last several meters always sent results to the pump without needing any confirmation.

It seems that the USB charger port is reversed, facing the meters display away from you when plugged in for charging. Can this be reversed so we might have some use of the device while its charging?

Can I submit an enhancement request to add an additional Send to Pump option that will always send without the confirmation prompt?

I do appreciate several things about the pump that are far better than it's predecessors. The best feature that I love about this pump is the pumps ability to ask for additional blood without having to waste a test strip (which are pricier than others BTW). I am also impressed with the smaller size of the unit. I have plenty of accoutrements to fill my pockets, so any downsizing is welcomed.


Posted on Wed Sep 25 22:47:44 GMT 2013

Greg, thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with your blood glucose meter. I’d be happy to provide this feedback my colleagues at Bayer for you, however, if you prefer you can reach out to Bayer support directly at 1.800.348.8100.


Posted on Thu Oct 17 04:42:42 GMT 2013

I've just set up my Contour Next Link, and upon appearances, I am very dissatisfied with this product. First of all, as someone who travels quite often, the idea of a meter requiring access to an outlet or computer for functionality is concerning. I've never felt hindered by my meters in the past, as I could always travel with extra batteries on hand for extended or remote travel. However, with the Next Link, I will probably be buying a secondary battery-powered meter to take this concern out of the equation.

Also, the case is a complete mess. The plastic sleeve for the meter sticks to the screen, making very difficult to move in or out, and the tube for the strips is so unnecessarily large that the case can barely zip shut.

I understand that changing meters always takes some adjustment, but when it comes to healthcare, functionality and ease of use are essential considerations if any improvement in patient outcomes is to be expected. Hopefully, with continued use, these concerns do not turn into ongoing annoyances.


Posted on Thu Oct 17 23:38:54 GMT 2013

Ian, I'm so sorry to hear that you are frustrated with the Contour Next Link. I’ll be sure to pass along your feedback to my colleagues at Bayer. You can also feel free to reach out to them at 1.800.348.8100.


Posted on Mon Nov 25 09:36:11 GMT 2013

I've had diabetes for 25 years, and this is my favorite meter to date. I like the Contour Next Link for its small size, direct usb connectivity for CareLink paired with recharge function, wireless link to my pump, and strip light and bright screen display for night use.

I do not use the case, but carry my meter loose in my bag or pocket; it has held up well in over a year of doing so. I only charge it once a month or even less (8 checks a day). I carry my computer on any trips, as many people do these days, and so there is little concern about a recharge not being available. A non link version of the meter is available for 10 dollars so it is easy to have backups.

Whether the meter face is rightside up when plugged into a computer is a function of which side the usb port is on the computer, not a failure in meter design. Similar with left versus right handed concerns--simply flip it around afterwards. I never turn the meter off; it goes off on its own when it's ready.

The included lancing device is terrible, but I have many better ones and use them. The size of the 50 strip containers is larger than the more typical 25 strip containers, of course. The strips themselves are a good size and robust, compared to some other new, advanced meter, strips which are overly flimsy and small.

Regarding reliability, I have found results taken within 10 minutes to be quite consistent. Regarding accuracy, there are 3rd party tests available with a search that show the meter is quite accurate using today's standards (which should be much better everywhere). Last, my results go directly to my pump after adjusting the settings.

Everyone need not like this meter, but I think many of the negative reviews here are not focused on the meter itself or represent a misunderstanding of the available settings and a disconnect from contemporary (ubiquitous) use of computers.


Posted on Tue Dec 17 21:09:15 GMT 2013

The meter is awesome but like many others said, the case is horrible. Way too small. The strip canister needs to be smaller and the part that holds the meter needs to be redesigned. It's too hard to get the meter out. Be better if the meter snapped in like my old meter did. Needs a case that is big enough to hold the charger and cable. Some place for medical info or owner id would also be nice. The charger is ok. Prefer batteries though. I can replace those if my meter goes dead and I am someplace where I can't charge it. Like when camping. My last meter used batteries and they lasted a long time between changes. Thanks for a great meter but please redesign the case.


Posted on Wed Dec 18 22:41:58 GMT 2013

Gigi, I'm sorry to hear that you are frustrated with the new meter case and canister. I’ll be sure to pass along your feedback to my colleagues at Bayer. If you’d like, you can also reach out to them directly at 1.800.348.8100.

Connie Hansen

Posted on Thu Jan 02 15:17:51 GMT 2014

I love the new meter. Everything about it is an improvement and easy to use. I thought the recharging was going to be a hassle but it gives you plenty of warning to recharge. BUT BUCK STOPS THERE - THE COMPLAINTS ARE NOT WITH THE METER BUT THE CASE DESIGN. I've never been able to zipper the case and I agree with ALL that this needs improvement. And yes, the lancet device did not work for me either - it broke within a few days. Not a problem I have several others that work just fine. I have not been able to find a case that fit my needs. I have had diabetes for over 50 years so this may be a small detail for you but convience for me is a must. We diabetics carry a lot of stuff beside testing equipment :-)


Posted on Wed Jan 08 20:46:27 GMT 2014

I too concur that the strip canister is too big and the "case" or pouch is cumbersome, not functional. As a guy I dont have a purse our pouch to carr stuff in so smaller is better (pocket size). This case really ahs too much wasted space. Also, the lancet device is not as nice as my old one, so I still use it. The meter is pretty great but one thing I don't like is once you put the strip in, if you test too quickly (before the blood drop picture appears) it gives you an error message that the strip is already used. I have wasted several strip because of this.


Posted on Thu Jan 16 02:40:44 GMT 2014

Agree, the cases for all their meters were obviously not tested by diabetics, and the strip container bottle is huge.
The marketing campaign seems to be "put a horrible case in the box and then encourage buyers to "register" their meter for warranty (they only cost about 20 bucks) and then get you to call in and give all your contact information for a "improved" case in a variety of colors. I like the meter, just listen to all these people and make something useable for us to get around in our daily lives more easily.


Posted on Thu Feb 13 05:57:25 GMT 2014

I just started using the Contour Next meter. I just read thru the comments added over the past 6-7 months and I agree! The case doesn't work for most users, the test strip bottle is too big and the charging requirement is stressful but all else is great! I see it is being shared with Bayer but I have not yet seen one response that Bayer is addressing any of these concerns. It would be nice to hear that something is in the works to address these repeated concerns


Posted on Sat Feb 15 10:44:30 GMT 2014

I've used various meters during my diabetic life ( about 46 years ). This one is really better than any of the others certainly because it links to my pump. Yes, the strips container is much too can someone develop this entire system with all these accesories and not figure out that the pouch is too small and the container is too big? What would really make this meter fantastic is actually getting actual time instead of a 12 minute delay. I've gotten readings from bs readings that don't match up with the meter but I guess they are within the 20% range ( which I've been told is acceptable.) Actually, I've had a couple that read 80 and were actually in the low 50's which is not in the 20& range.
Funny that people complain about the cost of the's cheap! Besides, they don't need to make money on the meter, it's the strips that cost quite a bit. I agree with many who say that Bayer needs to step up and read the concerns we have with the case and strip container size.


Posted on Mon Feb 24 15:47:40 GMT 2014

Mike and Jill, we have reached out to our partners at Bayer with your request and we thank you for the feedback.

Mike, in the meantime, we’d like to help answer any questions or help with your concerns about your accuracy. I will share your comment with my team and have someone reach out to try to help.


Posted on Tue Mar 04 19:10:00 GMT 2014

We reached out to our partners at Bayer and they wanted us to share this response with you.

Bayer appreciates customer feedback on our diabetes monitoring products to help us better meet your testing needs. We have shared the comments posted here with our service teams, and would encourage customers to reach out directly to Bayer Diabetes Care Support so that our service representatives can address your concerns individually.

Callers can reach Diabetes Care Support in the U.S. via 24/7 telephone support at 1-800-348-8100; or email You can also visit for an online chat feature from 8AM -10PM EST. For people outside the U.S.: Visit and select your country for customer service contacts.

Thanks again for the ongoing feedback, and many thanks to Medtronic for hosting this important forum, and for sharing posts and comments with us.

Christina Clinton
Bayer HealthCare Diabetes Care

Marcia smith

Posted on Tue Apr 15 17:13:30 GMT 2014

I too hate the case it comes with, we modified the case from my daughters Accucheck Aviva with a needle, thread and a few stitches so the elastic will securely hold the link meter and it works perfectly. Roche sells the cases for the Aviva meter on their Accucheck Website for about $5 and they come in a few cute designs too.

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