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My Experience with the Enlite Sensor - Ashlie Blaske

By Naomi Kingery

Social Community Manager

Posted:  10/10/2013 6:45 PM


Today I want to introduce you to Ashlie, a passionate 23-year old waitress pursuing a goal of working at a children’s hospital. She has had diabetes since the age of 17 and wears a MiniMed insulin pump. Earlier this year, Ashlie had the opportunity to take part in a clinical trial through her doctor’s office which allowed her to use the Enlite sensor.

These trials are not only a crucial step in the FDA approval process, but they provide real-life customer feedback for the employees who work on these important products. Watch this video to hear about Ashlie’s experience wearing a MiniMed pump with Threshold Suspend and the Enlite sensor.


Debra K. Harrington

Posted on Thu Oct 10 23:38:51 GMT 2013

Thank you, Ashlie, for sharing your experience! I am currently using the previous model, and am very excited to try the Enlite...there look to be some great improvements!

Sue Sinnett

Posted on Fri Oct 11 00:11:25 GMT 2013

I have been a T1 diabetic for 40 years. I was diagnosed at the age of 16. After my Endocrinologist tried for 5 years to get my insurance to cover a pump for me, finally in 1996 I was approved for my first pump as long as I made a promise to report everything to my insurance company and I did. I have been wearing the glucose sensor with the pump for almost 4 years now and with every improvement it helps diabetes control. I, however am a person that does not have stable trends so adjustments are often difficult. I was a part of the clinical trial to get the new pump with Enlite approved and I can attest to it doing its job. I always felt that I would wake up for night time lows. It just happened that while I was participating in the trial, I over did things getting ready for a garage sale and when I finally went to sleep, I was out like a light. I slept into a low and the pump did shut off. When I did wake up, I awoke to a 29 blood sugar. I can only imagine what would have happened had I not had the study pump with Enlite on. I am now patiently waiting the arrival of my new pump with Enlite. When you live alone, this could be your only safety line. Thank you Medtronic for your research and progress in treating diabetes.


Posted on Fri Oct 11 12:46:35 GMT 2013

I have a sensor with the newer paradigm. wish I had known this one was in the making to come out so soon and I would have gotten it, So when my warranty runs out and I get may new one though insurance I hope that this one will be even more improved this is awesome news that it will cut the pump off, does it or will it give you more insulin if the blood sugar runs high?


Posted on Fri Oct 11 17:28:49 GMT 2013

Debra and Sue, thank you both for your comments! We’re very excited about the MiniMed 530G with Enlite too!

Karen, the MiniMed 530G with Enlite will not automatically deliver more insulin if your sensor glucose level runs high. The MiniMed 530G system features Threshold Suspend automation which automatically stops the delivery of insulin if sensor glucose levels reach a preset low threshold and the person with diabetes does not respond to the alarm.

Drew Hughes

Posted on Tue Oct 15 15:35:40 GMT 2013

I want the new pump so bad but I am in warranty until 2016 if I knew this was coming out I would of not upgraded to the revel and I would of just stuck with the 722 I can't afford 399 dollars I shouldn't have to pay anything


Posted on Tue Oct 15 21:54:31 GMT 2013

Hi Drew, thanks for your comment. I do apologize but due to regulations we’re not allowed to discuss new technology prior to receiving FDA approval. If there is anything else I can do for you or if you’d like to talk about your options with someone I’d be happy to connect you with a member of my team.

Annie Mueller

Posted on Tue Oct 22 01:46:06 GMT 2013

I agree with Drew. I too started my 4yr warranty with the Paradigm Revel 723 in June of this year so I just missed this feature of the sensor. I have tried the previous CGM, twice and am anxious to try the Enlite CGM. The 90 degree insertion is what I was waiting for. $399 isn't a lot but yes it is. Why the insurance co won't kick in either is beyond me.
Thanks for listening.


Posted on Fri Oct 25 17:32:04 GMT 2013

I was diagnosed at 6 and have had diabetes for 56 years. I have worn an insulin pump since 1979 (I started using a Minimed when they came out with the 502) and a CGM since 2007. I have tested virtually every insulin pump on the market and like the Medtronic the best. I have tested Enlite CGM and do not like it for a multitude of reasons. I have participated in a multiple clinical trials including one with Medtronic 530G and Enlite CGM. I am due to replace my pump next year and want to continue with Medtronic, however I do not like the Enlite CGM - it is not right for me. That said, I learned that if you purchase the 530G pump you must also purchase the Enlite CGM. Because of this requirement, I sent a very detailed letter to the President of Medtronic Diabetes weeks ago questioning why Medtronic is forcing customers to purchase their Enlite CGM whether they want it or not. She has not responded. I am in business and when a customer sends me a letter with concerns I address them immediately. I also experienced this when Medtronic used to allow email submittals. They never responded to those either and in fact removed that as an option for communication. This is very poor customer service and indicates Medtronic does not care about their customers.


Posted on Sat Oct 26 00:32:23 GMT 2013

Hello Whiteodessa, thank you for your feedback and your many years as a Medtronic customer. Our customers are our first priority and we strongly believe that the MiniMed 530G provides the greatest clinical benefit to people with diabetes when used as a system, which is why we’re only offering it to most people as a system. The Enlite sensor features several improvements, including improved comfort and accuracy, when compared to previous sensors. In addition, to use the Threshold Suspend technology, CGM is required. I do apologize that you have not received a response to your letter, however, I did call the President’s office today and at this time they have not received your letter. We do our very best to respond to all customer questions in a timely manner, and I do recall exchanging emails with you a couple of weeks ago. If there is anything else I can do, please let me know. I’m here to help.


Posted on Tue Dec 31 00:25:57 GMT 2013

I am due to get my first pump in 4 days. It will be a MiniMed 530G because that's what my Endo recommended. I can't attest to the pump or CGM, but I can say that Medtronic's customer support has been extremely disappointing so far. I am considering refusing delivery and sticking with my insulin pens, not sure I want to be stuck doing business with them in the long term.


Posted on Thu Jan 02 00:08:00 GMT 2014

I'm so sorry to hear you have had a frustrating experience with our customer service team, Rick. Meeting your needs is very important to us, and we strive to provide you with the best customer experience possible. I will have someone from my team connect with you and ensure you are taken care of. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.


Posted on Fri Mar 07 23:52:12 GMT 2014

I started using the enlite sensor in Dec 2013. I have found it be very inaccurate. I have talked to 24 her support and my local medtronic rep. They have not been able to resolve. I have tried to place it all over my abdomen with no luck. I am very unhappy and wish I would have never moved to the new pump with enlite.


Posted on Sat Mar 08 00:04:59 GMT 2014

David, I'm very sorry to hear that you're having issues with accuracy and that you have not been able to resolve the issue working with our teams. I will make sure one of our senior team members reaches out to you to make sure you're taken care of.

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