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Living with Diabetes Spotlight: Meet Lane

By Amanda Sheldon

Managing Editor

Posted:  3/3/2011 12:00 AM


One of my favorite things about being the director of PR, is that I get to meet and work with a lot of different people each and every day. This includes working with product strategists, who are busy determining the right set of features and new technology to put into future products to help make managing diabetes easier. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Lane Desborough.

Lane talked about his and his wife’s commitment to do anything in their power to improve life for their son recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, including working hard to get Hayden into a clinical trial and an unexpected career move for Lane.

We’re impressed with this family’s commitment, but know they’re certainly not alone. All you parents out there: what are some “crazy” things you’ve done to make life better for you child with diabetes?


David Z.

Posted on Fri Mar 04 22:39:11 GMT 2011

Lane: Thanks for sharing your story as a Dad and Medtronic employee. There are many of us who share your passion and committment! We're glad you're on the team to advance the science of diabetes and glucose managment for all patients around the world.
- David Z., Medtronic employee

John Berry

Posted on Mon Mar 07 17:56:35 GMT 2011


How can I learn more about the advances in Diabetes.

John Berry

Amanda Sheldon

Posted on Mon Mar 07 23:20:14 GMT 2011

Thanks John,
We plan to feature discussions about advances in diabetes here on the LOOP. When product news or scientific news is available, we will also post announcements on our Web site, What advances would you like to hear about?


Posted on Fri Mar 11 18:11:42 GMT 2011

I have heard that there will be advancements to the sensor design and accuracy in the near future. Is this correct???

Ali Straub

Posted on Tue Mar 15 00:02:31 GMT 2011

Good question! We are always working to develop new and improved products and that includes sensors. Unfortunately we can't provide details about products that are in development. The FDA has strict regulations regarding discussing unapproved products to protect the safety of patients. Once we do have any new FDA-approved product we'll be sure to announce it here at The LOOP. So, please stay tuned!

Adam Gibson

Posted on Wed Aug 17 00:36:27 GMT 2011

Great to hear the news about the advancements in technology for Type 1 Diabetics. As the father of a juvenile diabetic and the son of one, there is no doubt in my mind that the artificial pancrease is somewhere in the near future and if not, my son says he is going to be the the Dr. that finds the cure....and I believe he will!!!

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