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Learn about CGM from Dr Kaufman - Live on TuDiabetes

By Karrie Hawbaker

Public Relations Manager

Posted:  1/10/2013 5:59 PM


Recently, we’ve been asking our customers about which diabetes management topics they’d like to learn more. Interestingly, most of the topics you tell us you want to discuss are around continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) – predictive alerts, when to calibrate, what’s next in CGM technology, etc. So, when Dr. Kaufman agreed to do a Live Interview on TuDiabetes, we jumped at the chance to ask her to share more about this popular topic.

If you’re interested, be sure to tune in to “The Use and Future Use of CGM,” a Live Interview with Dr. Francine Kaufman on January 11 at 4pm EST/1pm PST.

Dr. Kaufman will share the latest CGM information with you as well as answer questions submitted by the TuDiabetes community. In addition, we’re offering viewers of the live interview the opportunity to receive a copy of her latest book for the ADA, Insulin Pump Therapy and Continuous Glucose Monitoring: A User’s Guide to Effective Diabetes Management (while supplies last/limit one book per household).

• To view the event, click here.

• To pose a question for Dr. Kaufman in advance, click here.

• To sign up for a free copy of Dr. Kaufman’s most recent book, which she wrote for the American Diabetes Association, click here.

We hope you enjoy the event and can’t wait to hear what you think!


Susan C Mason

Posted on Thu Jan 10 19:47:43 GMT 2013

I love the CGM system, however, after having it for over 2 years, then going on medicare, found out they will not pay for it. Any updates? Or is there any information you can give to help me get medicare to pay?

Roy. Taylor

Posted on Thu Jan 10 20:32:01 GMT 2013

What can be done to have medicare cover the c g m . system


Posted on Thu Jan 10 21:11:26 GMT 2013

Why doesn't Medicare cover the CGM and the sensors? What is Medtronic doing to try and change that?


Posted on Fri Jan 11 21:09:27 GMT 2013

Sure wish I could log in to listen to your live meeting now, we have been trying for 15 mins with no luck : (


Posted on Sat Jan 12 01:34:19 GMT 2013

Hi Nick, I'm sorry that you had trouble viewing the live feed. If you'd still like to view, TuDiabetes currently has the recorded interview listed under their featured videos here:

Susan McNeil

Posted on Mon Jan 14 18:33:51 GMT 2013

Hi my name is Susan. When I was 5 i had diabetes type 1. I was diabetic for 45 years. I went to the glass syringe to the disposable and the when Meditronic came up with the insulin pump it was such a wonderful life changer. i loved it. It gave me the freedom that a disposable syringe doesn't. I'm now cured of diabetes due to a kidney and pancreas transplant. But the insulin pump was the best thingI had ever used.

Best regards,

Mike Hoskins

Posted on Tue Jan 15 05:27:30 GMT 2013

Great interview, Fran! Thanks so much for doing that! Love these topics and of course hearing all about the CGM world.


Posted on Wed Jan 16 17:33:18 GMT 2013

Susan, Roy, and Sue - Medtronic is actively working with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to ultimately establish coverage consistent with other healthcare insurance companies in the US. Our goal is to ensure consistent access for CGM and insulin pump therapy for all who can benefit. The first step is to work with CMS to assign CGM to a benefit category. We are excited to work this through with industry partners and will keep you updated.


Posted on Thu Aug 22 18:09:30 GMT 2013

Are there any updates on Medicare coverage for cgm?


Posted on Thu Aug 22 20:50:57 GMT 2013

Judy over the years, we've worked hard to ensure access to CGM. We are committed to continuing to work alongside of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid but at this time we don't have any updates for you. Thank you for your patience, we will be sure to let our community know any updates as we have them.

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