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John Mastrototaro Talks About the Road to the Artificial Pancreas on TuDiabetes

By Karrie Hawbaker

Public Relations Manager

Posted:  3/5/2013 6:27 PM


As some of you may know, we’ve teamed up with the Diabetes Hands Foundation for a series of Live Interviews with Medtronic leaders, broadcast over at TuDiabetes. If you missed the first two, be sure to check out the archives of Dr. Francine Kaufman and Lane Desborough.

For the third event in the series, we’re thrilled to have Dr. John Mastrototaro discussing a very popular topic – the road to the artificial pancreas. John has dedicated his career to improving the lives of people with diabetes. Over the last 18 years here at Medtronic he’s made significant accomplishments such as leading the team of people who created the world’s first continuous glucose monitoring technology, brought to market back in 1999 as the MiniMed CGMS system.

Today, as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Research, Technology and Business Development, he’s driving the research and development at Medtronic Diabetes toward a fully automated artificial pancreas system.

He has a lot to share so we hope you’ll tune in on March 8 at 4pm EST/1pm PST – and be sure to submit all your questions in advance!

In addition, we’re offering viewers of the live interview the opportunity to receive a free copy of the new book Sugar Free Journey, penned by another wonderful member of the Medtronic team, Naomi Kingery (while supplies last/limit one book per U.S. household).

• To view the event, click here.
• To pose a question for Dr. Mastrototaro in advance, click here.
• To sign up for a free copy of Naomi Kingery’s most recent book, Sugar Free Journey click here.

We hope you enjoy the event and can’t wait to hear what you think!


Vickie Ahrens

Posted on Tue Mar 05 23:08:44 GMT 2013

My husband allen had been a insulin diabetic since 25 years old. It's been really hard sometimes. He works shift work also for Dow Chemical. I quit work back in 2006 so I could monitor him when he worked nights and was home sleeping during the day since his sugar seems to go low @ these times. He will be 57 March 7th. It would be SO GREAT for a artificial pancreas system to come out. What a BLESSING that would be.

Thanks for listening -

Pierre Bruce Johnson

Posted on Tue Mar 05 23:09:05 GMT 2013

I hate this Affliction.. It has spoiled my life!.. I wish there was a cure.. or a way to get off this problem.. Please God Hear me..


Posted on Tue Mar 05 23:55:37 GMT 2013

I was wondering who you thought would be good candidate for the artificial pancreas? My son has type I since he was 3yrs old and now he's 21. I would love t o have more information on it.

Robin Evans

Posted on Wed Mar 06 00:20:53 GMT 2013

How long will it be before its possible to have an artificial pancreas?


Posted on Wed Mar 06 00:35:57 GMT 2013

my son is waiting for a kidney/pancreas transplant and we are coming up on a yr wait....i am interested in hearing more


Posted on Wed Mar 06 00:43:50 GMT 2013

Thank you all for your interest in the topic of The Road to the Artificial Pancreas being shared in Dr. Mastrototaro’s chat this Friday. These are great questions, so please be sure to sign up for the live chat and post any questions on TuDiabetes in advance to get your questions answered by him. Sign up and post your questions here:

Kimberly Harris

Posted on Wed Mar 06 01:36:37 GMT 2013

My four year old was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. How much closer are they/you to doing islet cell transplants? Would the artificial pancreas help children his age? Thank you for doing all you can everyday to help diabetic patients!!!!! Keep up the excellent work. Where there's a will there is a way!!! God bless you and your team!!!!


Posted on Wed Mar 06 17:33:55 GMT 2013

Kimberly, thank you for your questions. I can’t speak to any progress on a biological cure for diabetes. Here at Medtronic, our mission is focused on improving and extending lives through the application of medical technology until a cure is found. We make insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring devices for people with diabetes who require insulin. If you’d like, you can learn more about us here

Ava Knapek

Posted on Wed Mar 06 18:14:55 GMT 2013

Praise God for Medtronics. I have been insulin dependent for 37 years and after going on the insulin pump eight years ago I would hate having to go back to daily injections. My hats off to Medtronics and the continued research to get a handle on this disease. Wow, an artifical pancreas. Wouldn't that be awesome? Great Job!!!

Chuck Lukenbill

Posted on Wed Mar 06 18:23:04 GMT 2013

Will there be provisions for varying activity levels? With the 723 I can decrease my basal before I begin a higher energy demand in order to avoid low bgs? Or is ther a sensor such as accelerometer or other which provides input to the pump for estimating energy demands?

Ardys Goodine

Posted on Thu Mar 07 13:00:25 GMT 2013

I am very interested in the new technology and try to keep up on the news regarding diabetes. My daughter was diagnosed type 1 16 years ago. Been on the pump for a long time---we take the simplicity of the pump for granted--until it fails the other nite at 10:00pm pump failed contacted Medtronic they were great sent a replacement out. In the mean time had to revert to shots. Sure missed the pump then. All ok again.

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