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Introducing Our New Mobile App: myMedtronic Connect

By Naomi Kingery

Social Community Manager

Posted:  8/11/2011 12:00 AM


Here at Medtronic, in addition to consistently working on technologies to help improve your clinical outcomes, we’re also working hard to find ways to make managing your diabetes more convenient. That includes keeping up with the technology of this “iPhone world” we now live in.

Today, we’re so proud to introduce our new app myMedtronic Connect, available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices! (I personally use an Android so am bummed that’s not a part of the first launch, but we are working on it! I got to be one of the first customers to test the real app on an iPod Touch, and am definitely impressed.)

The goal of the app is to provide on-the-go support for our customers – because we know that people with diabetes, like me, rarely stay put!

So what exactly does the app do? Here are a few highlights:

  • myOrder for ordering insulin pump and CGM supplies and accessories from the Medtronic online store (and tracking your shipment)
  • Helpful Tools including video tutorials, troubleshooting tips, and a place to save pump settings
  • The ability to set reminders for changing infusion sets or sensors, checking blood glucose, or ordering supplies
  • Travel tools including a check list and travel tips
  • Push notifications for the latest posts from The LOOP
Now, we know that many of you would love an app that would conveniently display  your CGM number on your phone and send it ringing with predictive alerts. (We hear you, Karen Graffeo!) Trust me, so would I!

We are working on technologies along those lines (we actually have a whole team of people dedicated to what we call “Connected Care”), but that’s not the purpose of this app. Getting to a place where we can see our pump and CGM info on mobile devices comes with both engineering and regulatory complexities that Medtronic is still working hard to tackle.

Right now, with myMedtronic Connect, we’re taking a first step into Connected Care and extending our world-class Help and Support offerings to your mobile phone – hopefully making some of those daily tasks a little bit more convenient.

So, visit the iTunes app store to download your app today, and let us know what you think! Anything missing? What would you like to see on the next version?


Holly Cortes

Posted on Sat Aug 13 05:29:30 GMT 2011

I would like to see it as an Android App.

Karen Graffeo

Posted on Mon Aug 15 12:56:11 GMT 2011

I've been using the mobile app, and at first I thought I wouldn't care much about the reminders since I tend to obsessively keep track of site and sensor changes anyway. But I'm really loving having the reminder right on my phone - it's nice not to have to keep it all in my head!!

Thanks for checking out my post about wanting it all - it makes me really happy to hear about the "Connected Care" team!!

Naomi Kingery

Posted on Tue Aug 16 18:05:09 GMT 2011

I agree, Holly!

Erica Davis

Posted on Tue Aug 16 18:39:46 GMT 2011

I am SO glad to hear there is the possibility of having CGM info available for the apple products! Any idea for a time line? Any other advise for apps that a pumper/CGM user might like? How do I get carelink to work on my Mac?

Thanks for the technology! It goes a long way to help make life easier! Thanks again.


Posted on Wed Aug 17 14:23:26 GMT 2011

I will second the motion for the app to work on an Android device.


Posted on Wed Aug 17 18:41:47 GMT 2011

Can't wait to have it as an Android app!


Posted on Wed Aug 17 20:36:00 GMT 2011

Thanks Erica! In the U.S. CareLink is now available for Mac. If you're having trouble, feel free to call the HelpLine. They'd be happy to help you troubleshoot.

Having CGM data or CareLink available on a mobile device to analyze blood glucose readings would require FDA approval. Because we do not yet have FDA-approved capabilities in this space, I can't share details on when or what that product might look like (per FDA rules). But trust me, we hear you and know how important this is to you!

Susan Cox

Posted on Sat Aug 20 13:20:17 GMT 2011

Add me to the request list for Android, please.


Posted on Sun Aug 21 18:59:55 GMT 2011

Thank you for releasing CareLInk for the Mac!!! Having this mobile app available on Android will be great too.


Posted on Sun Aug 21 21:55:21 GMT 2011

There is an app out there called Wave Sense. It is totally awesome and very easy to use.

Santiago Kow

Posted on Wed Aug 24 20:50:20 GMT 2011

Although I am not an Apple supporter, I am very excited about this feature. Keep up the good work! In terms of market share, we should consider Android and Symbian OSs as alternate platforms to launch.

Craig McCulloch

Posted on Sun Aug 28 05:42:24 GMT 2011

Android next, please.

Chris Bates

Posted on Fri Sep 02 00:54:16 GMT 2011

Android soon please.

Ean miller-pippy

Posted on Mon Jul 09 19:16:07 GMT 2012

I just got the pump today I am so excited to have it and I'm excited to learn how it works


Posted on Mon Jul 16 18:17:21 GMT 2012

Ean, that's great to hear! Please keep us updated on how you're doing, and if you need anything just let us know.


Posted on Thu Jul 19 01:32:04 GMT 2012

Can't wait to use w/Carelink! Hopefully, it will be out soon. Disability makes it impossible to manually log daily events (i.e. doses, meals etc.) for daughter and me! Please hurry!

~ B


Posted on Sun Nov 04 18:33:18 GMT 2012

I would have to agree w/the rest of the people about the android app soon i just recently gained custody of my niece with type 1 that has the insulin pump and this would be so wonderful her and myself !!!!

Jerry Smith

Posted on Tue Jan 08 23:14:09 GMT 2013

From what I have read no one is asking for am an CGM app for the Blackberry. Please consider including these devices as well. Would it help to get the CGM app for any device quicker if we the users were to contact the FDA and let them know of our intrest in this advance in care.


Posted on Thu Jan 10 16:41:00 GMT 2013

Jerry, thanks for your feedback. We’re committed to delivering what our customers need and will keep this in consideration as we move forward with mobile apps. We cannot speak for the FDA, but we do know that they are working on mobile app guidelines.


Posted on Tue Jan 22 02:47:21 GMT 2013

Need the app for android!


Posted on Fri Jan 25 18:21:34 GMT 2013

Any news on the app for android users!?!


Posted on Fri Jan 25 23:29:32 GMT 2013

Right now myMedtronic Connect will work with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices only. However, we’ve received a lot of feedback about Android and it’s definitely something we’re exploring.


Posted on Thu Jan 31 19:05:16 GMT 2013

i am new to the pump and cgm and would love to have the android app. any timeline for this yet.

Elizabeth Willis

Posted on Mon Feb 18 18:05:44 GMT 2013

Need the app for Android so my husband can keep a closer eye on my status. He has MySentry at home and with an AC Inverter in our vehicle to help when traveling. I will have been Type 1 for 52 years come March 2013 (I was diagnosed at 17). Since getting MySentry, at my last two Dr. visits, my A1C has been 6.7 & my Dr. is thrilled. So far, the only "Complication" has been Trigger Fingers. We hope to improve that as well.

Rick Thibodeau

Posted on Sun Feb 24 03:48:13 GMT 2013

I was so excited about the new app.....until I found out it's not available for my android phone.
I also realize that I'm not the first to voice this opinion.
Please let me know if it becomes available.
Thank you.

Scott Azzollini

Posted on Wed Mar 27 18:07:23 GMT 2013

Need app for android.


Posted on Thu Mar 28 19:29:20 GMT 2013

I understand you’re anxious to be able to use myMedtronic Connect with Android devices and want you to know we are listening to your feedback. We will keep our community posted with any updates.


Posted on Thu Apr 18 23:14:34 GMT 2013

Please add my name to the list of Android app requestors!

Using "capture event" on the pump is okay. Being able to review results and add to my log on PC is good.... but it would be great to have the info at my finger tips on my Android phone.


evelyne ramos

Posted on Sat Jun 15 15:37:32 GMT 2013

When u have the app 4android available can u guys post this? Dont discriminate to have
The app nust on iphone And no android

Tom Minx

Posted on Mon Oct 21 02:25:43 GMT 2013

No Android, no good. I like red delicious apples. My phone does not. Please be nice. Do the right thing. Thank you.

Dave Chynoweth

Posted on Tue Nov 19 16:37:56 GMT 2013

would like android app also would like carelink to work with WINDOWS 8


Posted on Wed Nov 20 22:35:52 GMT 2013

Hi Dave, thanks for feedback. At this time I cannot comment on a timeline for an Android app, but I can tell you that we’re listening to the community and are committed to delivering what our customers need. Our online store is mobile ready for all platforms and allows you to place orders, as well as make account updates. You can access the store at We recently came out with Windows 8 capability, thank you for your patience. Since CareLink is considered “medical device software”, there is often a lag time between the release of a new OS and CareLink. One piece of advice, when you decide to upload, make sure you launch your internet browser from your desktop and not from the Start screen to avoid any errors.


Posted on Wed Feb 26 17:13:41 GMT 2014

I agree with the post that you should have an android app.

Rickey Southard

Posted on Wed Mar 26 18:10:39 GMT 2014

ANDROID DEVICES. They are numerous. I use Android for my smart phone. When are we going to be taken care of?


Posted on Wed Mar 26 21:36:15 GMT 2014

Hi Ricky. Right now myMedtronic Connect is only available for iPhone and iPad, but we’ve received a lot of feedback about Android capability and it’s definitely something we’re exploring. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

Larry Martin

Posted on Thu Apr 24 14:50:04 GMT 2014

Android please. More people have Android devices than Apple.


Posted on Fri Apr 25 17:55:23 GMT 2014

Hi Larry. I understand you’re anxious to have Android capability. We have been exploring this, and should have an update for the community soon. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

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