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Enlite How To: Inserting the Sensor

By Naomi Kingery

Social Community Manager

Posted:  2/20/2014 4:00 PM


Today, Michael walks you through a live demonstration of inserting the new Enlite sensor. With the improved design of the new Enlite serter, the needle is completely hidden and inserted at a 90 degree angle. All you need to start is alcohol swabs, the Enlite glucose sensor, Enlite serter, sensor over tape, and the MiniLink transmitter. Have questions after watching the video? Let us know in the comments below.

Important Safety Information
Medtronic Diabetes insulin infusion pumps, continuous glucose monitoring systems and associated components are limited to sale by or on the order of a physician and should only be used under the direction of a healthcare professional familiar with the risks associated with the use of these systems. MiniMed 530G with Enlite is intended for the delivery of insulin and continuous glucose monitoring for the management of diabetes mellitus by persons 16 years of age or older who require insulin.

Pump therapy is not recommended for people who are unwilling or unable to perform a minimum of four blood glucose tests per day. Insulin pumps use rapid-acting insulin. If your insulin delivery is interrupted for any reason, you must be prepared to replace the missed insulin immediately.

The information provided by CGM systems is intended to supplement, not replace, blood glucose information obtained using a home glucose meter. A confirmatory fingerstick is required prior to making adjustments to diabetes therapy. MiniMed 530G with Enlite is not intended to be used directly for preventing or treating hypoglycemia but to suspend insulin delivery when the user is unable to respond to the Threshold Suspend alarm and take measures to prevent or treat hypoglycemia themselves.

Please visit for more details.


Will SS pay for the sensor now?

Posted on Thu Feb 20 18:02:43 GMT 2014

I use to be one the sensor and loved it. But SS would not pay for it. Will they now?


Posted on Thu Feb 20 18:11:35 GMT 2014

The new sensor life span is much better, however, as far as ordering supplies from Medtronic, it is very disappointing. I placed an order on 1/12/14 and am still waiting for them to "verify my insurance" (Side note: I have effective insurance). I have contacted Medtronic several times about this, now it has been more than a month. I will probably have to go back to injections due to their unreliability. Sad.


Posted on Thu Feb 20 22:11:00 GMT 2014

That’s a great question! If you’re referring to Medicare, Medicare does not cover for CGM, though Medtronic is actively working with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to ultimately establish coverage consistent with other healthcare insurance companies in the US. In the meantime, if you’d like to be on the sensor, you’ll need to pay for them out of pocket. If you’d like to talk about your payment plan options please send me a private message at, and I’ll connect you with someone.


Posted on Thu Feb 20 22:12:42 GMT 2014

I'm so sorry to hear you have had a frustrating experience with our customer service, ML. Meeting your needs is very important to us, and we strive to provide all of our customers with the best customer experience possible. I will have someone from my team connect with you and ensure you are taken care of. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.


Posted on Fri Feb 21 15:16:57 GMT 2014

Ok, so I've watched the video and it brings up some questions for me. I currently use the SofSensor with a single sheet of IV-3000 tape (transparent dressing - 2 3/8 x 2 3/4) over the sensor and transmitter. This allows me to swim laps without fear of losing the sensor/transmitter. Obviously I just unplug the pump from infusion site.

Will the Enlite sensor and transmitter stay on with the taping method/materials shown in the video?


Posted on Fri Feb 21 15:26:12 GMT 2014

I have been trying to contact the Medtronic's tech support and have a very long hold rate that I cannot stay on and wait for it.
Also I've had several time it does cause pain but does subside in time.

Donald Henthorn

Posted on Fri Feb 21 15:40:02 GMT 2014

I have the new 530g insulin pump with the inline sensor I really like them both .this pump is so much better than the one I had before and the enlite sensor all I can say is wow thanks for coming up with a pain free sensor

Matt M.

Posted on Fri Feb 21 19:08:15 GMT 2014

I've had the enlite sensor for about 4 months now. My biggest challenge with the insertion process is removing the serter once the sensor is in place -- i.e., the second press of the green button and what should follow.

I am religious about waiting 10 seconds after initial insertion, to allow the adhesive to stick, and I also try to be careful about fully depressing the green button a second time, yet about 50 percent of the time I cannot slide the serter off the needle housing without the sensor/housing etc. pulling off as well. Sometimes I have been able to slide the sensor/needle back in the serter and try again, but I'd rather not have to do that. I thought about using some kind of Skin-tac wipe for extra stickiness but apparently that is contraindicated for use with enlite.

For what it's worth, once a sensor (or infusion set) is inserted, I have zero problems with adhesiveness. But it's with the initial sensor insertion that I have an issue. From reading other people's experiences, it seems like I am not alone.



Posted on Fri Feb 21 19:11:32 GMT 2014

I too am waiting to have approval for the Enlite Sensor since the first part of January. I have spoken with my ins. co. and they say they have given the approval but Medtronic is not on the same page with them. I have paid for the sensors once out of pocket and am now on my last one again. I have spent much time on the phone with both parties yet I am not able to get you to have the same conversation with each other. If this must take place every time I order the sensors, I don't see how I will get much benefit from my ins. co.


Posted on Fri Feb 21 23:16:45 GMT 2014

Hi Michael. That’s a great question. Here are some additional tips for Enlite sensor taping that may help while swimming. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Posted on Fri Feb 21 23:17:42 GMT 2014

Scott, I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Please know that your needs are very important to us and we’re working to improve our hold times. I will have someone from my team contact you shortly to help answer your questions. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.


Posted on Fri Feb 21 23:18:00 GMT 2014

Hi Matt. I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. I will have someone from my team contact you soon to try to help. In the meantime, here’s a Quick Reference Guide for Using the Enlite sensor that you also may find helpful:


Posted on Fri Feb 21 23:18:14 GMT 2014

You are welcome, Donald! Glad to hear you are happy with MiniMed 530G with Enlite! Please keep us posted on your experiences with the new system.


Posted on Fri Feb 21 23:19:45 GMT 2014

Barb, I apologize for the frustration this has caused. I will look into this, and have someone from my team contact you. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.

Diane mendez

Posted on Sat Feb 22 04:22:45 GMT 2014

I have the minimed 530 g with Enlite. I was able to put on the sensor in the doctors office but had a difficult time at home. I also had a hard time contacting Medtronics for help.


Posted on Mon Feb 24 17:47:47 GMT 2014

Hi Diana. I am sorry to hear you’re having a difficult time inserting the Enlite sensor. Someone from my team will be contacting you shortly to help.


Posted on Wed Feb 26 23:07:47 GMT 2014

I have worn a Mini Med pump for many years, I love the sensor. I love the simplicity to inserting the sensor. It is great. I love the Elite. I used it while I was on a medical missions trip. I had it for a few days before I left. It is the best one yet! The threshold suspend is great. I found how to use it on the trip. Love it all!


Posted on Wed Feb 26 23:13:00 GMT 2014

Thank you for sharing, Sue! I am so happy to hear you are enjoying the new system and doing well on pump therapy!


Posted on Wed Jun 11 15:42:35 GMT 2014

The video makes it look so deceptively easy, when the only way I've ever been able to put one of these on is with the help of my doctor.


Posted on Thu Jun 12 16:50:16 GMT 2014

Hi Todd. I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble inserting your Enlite sensor. I will have someone from my team connect with you make sure you’re taken care of and you receive any additional training needed to make this easier. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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