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Diabetes Mine Innovation Summit

By Lane Desborough

Product Strategist

Posted:  10/4/2011 12:00 AM


On Saturday September 17, I participated in a remarkable event: the first ever Diabetes Mine Innovation Summit, held at Stanford University concurrently with the Health 2.0 Conference. Forty people attended the all-day, intensive interactive session facilitated by IDEO, one of the world's leading design firms. Firms in attendance included Abbott, Agamatrix, Caleritas, DexCom, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Sanofi-Aventis, and WellDoc. Advocacy groups included the JDRF and the ADA. Angel investors, venture capitalists, industrial designers, bloggers, healthcare professionals, and government employees rounded out the attendees.

In my short time in the world of diabetes, this was probably the most valuable single day I've spent so far (and I've had some doozies!). The level of passion and insight and excitement was remarkable. Starting from a patient perspective led by blogger Bernard Farrell and a medical device industry perspective led by Medtronic alumna and incoming ADA chairman Karen Talmadge, we then heard from past participants in the design challenge about the ideation process they used to design Sleep Well, a bedside monitoring device. Teen ambassador Cory Oringer gave an excellent talk on his perspective and vision for the future as a teen living with type 1 diabetes. After lunch we broke into twelve teams to brainstorm designs based on customer needs. Each group of three gave a two minute "skit" demonstrating their ideas. These were very entertaining and creative, including "dress-up" role-playing and creative props. Fun was had by all.

The most valuable part for me was not the formal sessions, but the discussions during coffee breaks and lunch. I got to meet fantastic people, all aligned in their passion and determination and ability to make living with diabetes easier.

Thank you Diabetes Mine and all of the Innovation Summit participants for a fantastic experience!


Gil de Paula

Posted on Tue Oct 18 16:39:46 GMT 2011

Hi Lane,

It was great meeting you there. Indeed, it was a fantastic event.


Amy Tenderich

Posted on Fri Oct 21 16:27:12 GMT 2011

Thank you for the nice wrap-up, Lane. The event exceeded our own expectations! And that's because of attendees like yourself. We look forward to next year!


Posted on Sun Apr 29 14:55:52 GMT 2012

When can we get an update on the Medtronic Patch pump. My daughter is using the Paradigm Revel system with the mySentry and we have been extremely happy with all components...BUT she LOVES to swim in the summer and wants to switch to a patch pump. I don't want to give up the control we have with the cgm/mySentry. She has had great a1c numbers since starting on the pump/cgm. We need Medtronic to create the whole package..tubeless pump/cgm/mySentry! check out my review of the mySentry


Posted on Mon Apr 30 23:35:33 GMT 2012

Hi Robin,

Thank you so much for reaching out to us and for your review of the mySentry Remote Glucose Monitor on your blog. I’m so glad to hear that your family is finding mySentry helpful! Regarding a patch pump, I’m not allowed to talk about future products. However, I can tell you that we recognize the need for multiple types of products to meet the needs of our entire community and have teams of people working very hard to bring those products to market. Of course, when we have something new available, we’ll be sure to let you know here at The LOOP!

Also, we have some information about using Medtronic insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring while enjoying water activities here that you might fine helpful:

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