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Announcing the 2011 LOOP Halloween Contest Winners

By Karrie Hawbaker

Public Relations Manager

Posted:  12/6/2011 5:20 PM


Back in October, we asked you to share how you incorporate diabetes into your Halloween costume and told you we’d award prizes for our favorites. Truth be told, the winners were not quite what we expected (and more of the canine/feline variety) but the best of the best, nonetheless!

First Prize – Michael Hoskins

Winner of a $100 Visa Gift card and a copy of Maggie Hunts’ book “It’s A Sweet Life now”

Mike may not have been all decked out on Halloween, but thanks to him and Suzi (a Type Awesome), their dog Riley was! Here it is in Mike’s own words:

This year, our annual JDRF Walk in Indianapolis fell on Saturday, Oct. 29 and so with the near-Halloween timing we decided to dress up our 5-year old black lab in a Halloween costume for the occasion. To support her Type 1 dad (me) who wears a Medtronic 722, Riley dressed up as a "Puptronic 2011" to show off at the walk. We used a cotton-backed fleece University of Michigan coat she has, and created the pump screen and buttons out of felt - including an ACT button! The pump letters were crafted from felt and stuck on, and sadly they did start to fall off at local walk. She had a blast and everyone loved the costume, and she even got to pose for a photo with one of our local Indiana the walk as she moved around. On the pump screen we wrote "Say Boo To Diabetes," the theme for this year's pump reps who was at the walk!

I’ve sent a few pictures of Riley wearing her costume, as well one of my wife (a Type Awesome) who crafted the costume and is showing it off!

Second Prize – Sara Nicastro

Winner of a $50 Visa Gift card and a copy of Maggie Hunts’ book “It’s A Sweet Life now”

Even though we don’t think Sara is “too old to dress up”, we loved her costumes for her cats. After all, what would Halloween be without the Diabetes Unicorn?

Here’s Sarah’s entry:

Some time ago, the diabetes online community adopted the unicorn as our mascot. I think it goes back to the idea that there is no such thing as the perfect person with diabetes or the perfect blood sugar. I'm in my 30s and too old to dress up anymore, and I'm not married and don't have any kids. The next best thing for me to dress up is my cats.

Yes, I realize that makes me sound like the crazy cat lady, but if I appreciate the irony I think it is less crazy. Anyway, last week I was in Petsmart and saw a unicorn costume; I knew I had to get it. Then if I was going to buy a costume for one, I had to buy a costume for the other. That story is a little more complicated.

A few of my friends with diabetes have service dogs who can detect low blood sugars. A group of us were hanging out with them a few months ago and started to wonder about the idea that if dogs could be service animals, what other animals could work. Our favorite idea was the service chicken – it would just continuous peck you if you were out of range. Think of the potential! That is why I was so happy when I saw the chicken costume right next to the unicorn outfit.

Please join us in congratulating Mike and Sara and be sure to check out their photos in the upper right-hand corner of this blog!


Mike Hoskins

Posted on Tue Dec 06 23:29:26 GMT 2011

Thanks so much!!! How exciting!! But yes, the true honor here goes to the creative juices of both Suzi and Sarah (and of course, the cats and dogs) who made it all happen! I'm just a bystander, who happens to be a pumper!

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