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Advocating for Diabetes in the Big Apple

By Amanda Sheldon

Managing Editor

Posted:  1/15/2013 4:38 PM


It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Caroline Carter, a very bright and dedicated high school freshman. Caroline is involved in so many activities and I find myself amazed at how she manages it all! She is an honor student, athlete, community volunteer, entertainer, and oh yea…she has type 1 diabetes too. She recently took a road trip to New York City to educate others about diabetes. Please join me in welcoming Caroline to the community and leave her an encouraging comment as she continues her advocacy work!

Hey there, LOOP readers!

My name is Caroline Carter. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes five years ago at age eleven. In order to manage my diabetes while keeping up with my busy schedule, I started on a MiniMed pump last year. No one in my family has diabetes, so it was a learning process for all of us.

When I was diagnosed, I was shocked to learn that there were 26 million Americans living with diabetes and that 1 in 3 American adults will have diabetes by 2050. It is crucial that we continue to research the causes, treatments, possibilities for a cure and prevention of this chronic disease. To that end, I serve as a diabetes advocate and volunteer with the JDRF and ADA every chance I get.

Recently, I embarked on an adventure to spend the day in New York, and what an experience it was! My mission was to engage and educate, meeting with as many media outlets as possible to build awareness.

The day started at 2:00am with a bus ride from Boston to New York City, and the first stop was Fox and Friends to deliver a "Keep Calm and Stop Diabetes" tee shirt to Gretchen Carlson. I had the chance to watch the filming process and meet golf legend Nick Faldo (he was dressed in blue for diabetes awareness)!

The next destination was Good Morning America for filming at The Patch At Broadway Farms, and then a quick taxi ride to CBS Studios for Anderson LIVE hosted by CNN's Anderson Cooper and Bravo's Andy Cohen. One segment featured a giant 36,000 calorie, 26-pound, 7-foot-long gummy snake!

Then it was time to visit NBC Studios to say hello to Hoda and Kathie Lee and celebrate the arrival of the giant Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. The tree was ENORMOUS!  And Santa was there!  I know him!! The last stop of the morning was a visit to the Health and Fitness Editor at Seventeen Magazine. The Hearst Tower is the most spectacular building I've ever seen. 

After a busy morning, we stopped for a quick visit to say thank you at the JDRF Headquarters, followed by a healthy lunch in the Financial District. I took extra care between media visits to eat healthy snacks, stay hydrated and check my blood sugar.  After lunch I had a private tour of Carnegie Hall and the once in a lifetime opportunity to sing in Weill Recital Hall. As a vocalist, it was a dream come true to sing in the most perfect acoustics on the planet. The walls literally resonate with sound and history!

The entire day was very special. I met so many interesting people and learned so much about how the media works while sharing awareness and my personal platform, "Diabetes can't stop me. Working together, we can Stop Diabetes."



Posted on Tue Jan 15 21:09:24 GMT 2013

Way to go Caroline!
your big sis

Angelle Srofe

Posted on Tue Jan 15 23:09:06 GMT 2013

Where did you get that shirt? I would love to get one for my daughter. Thanks


Posted on Tue Jan 15 23:27:08 GMT 2013

Thanks for spreading awareness!!! I have a question where can I order the keep calm diabetes shirt I would love one in support of my 5 yr old son that has type 1!

Shawn Russo

Posted on Tue Jan 15 23:27:55 GMT 2013

Congrats Caroline! I suffer with Type 1 diabetes also and volunteer with JDRF.
Thanks for all you do for everyone with diabetes!

Kelly McCoy

Posted on Tue Jan 15 23:32:44 GMT 2013

I have been a TYPE 1 for thirty years, boy how time flies, love the t- shirt would love to purchase one, please let me know how~ thanks


Posted on Tue Jan 15 23:42:59 GMT 2013

I would love to order some t-shirts. how do you get em.

annie keys

Posted on Tue Jan 15 23:49:44 GMT 2013

Love what you are doing! I've been a type I for 50 years, mercy, how I'd have loved having the support networks and information when I was young. You make my heart smile, good job!


Posted on Wed Jan 16 00:32:28 GMT 2013

I want a shirt those keep calm sayings and love my husband of 22 yrs. he has type 1 ...please let us know how to get one and support diabetes!


Posted on Wed Jan 16 00:52:20 GMT 2013

I have 3 teen age sons who have type 1 diabetes. I'd love to know info on the t-shirts also. Would love to get some.

Robbin Weber

Posted on Wed Jan 16 00:56:10 GMT 2013

Love what your doing! Would like to have a shirt in support of my son that was diagnosed with type2 diabetes in October

Caroline Carter

Posted on Wed Jan 16 03:12:02 GMT 2013

Hi Everyone!
I am very excited you like my blog and of course the t-shirt I designed and brought around NYC. I am getting together information to order the shirts and will have it by Friday. I will make a post as soon as I am organized and can have the company I had them produced through accept orders. This shouldn't be too long.

All my best,


Posted on Wed Jan 16 03:35:09 GMT 2013

I would like mine autographed Caroline
Love Dad

Rosie Forcillo

Posted on Wed Jan 16 14:01:37 GMT 2013

You are an amazing young lady! Way to go Caroline spreading your dreams!

Christine Pavlicek

Posted on Thu Jan 17 02:00:20 GMT 2013

Hi Caroline, Thanks for all your hard work! I'm impressed how well you take care of yourself. It's all about taking care of the Diabetes, so we can live fully, and get the most out of each day! I've had type 1 diabetes for almost 30 years, and have seen many good changes in treatment options. It's my prayer for you, and the rest of us, that a cure will be found within the next few years. Keep doing what you're doing!

tina acosta webbwould love to order some of these shirts

Posted on Wed Jan 23 03:19:04 GMT 2013

would like to order some of these shirts

jeanne holznagel

Posted on Thu Jan 24 03:17:43 GMT 2013

I would like to order a shirt, how can i get one.

Caroline Carter

Posted on Thu Jan 24 22:21:27 GMT 2013

Hi everyone, I have good news! I did a lot of research the last couple of days on the best way for you to get your hands on the Keep Calm and Stop Diabetes tee shirts I designed. We'll have a site set up by Friday where you can go and get them! Sorry it is taking awhile but why not do it right the first time. Oh! and this will be a non profit endeavor with all profits being donated to the JDRF, ADA & Children's Miracle Network. I'll have more info on how to get them on my site shortly:

Peggie Gilbert

Posted on Tue Jan 29 22:27:36 GMT 2013

We are very proud to have such a wonderful granddaughter like you.
You are going to help a lot of people with your caring ways.
Love Nan & Grampy

Dianne O'Keefe

Posted on Fri Feb 01 06:00:38 GMT 2013

Great job Caroline! Your efforts are heroic and amazing...keep up your good work!
I'll be ordering several of your shirts as well!

Mary Lenz

Posted on Sun Feb 10 22:37:11 GMT 2013

Way to go Caroline! I'm very proud of you, and personally appreciate all you've done to educate kids about Type I Diabetes. Not sure if you knew, my son was diagnosed when he was two. I'm praying for a cure!

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