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Meet Dr. John Mastrototaro

By Karrie Hawbaker

Public Relations Manager

Posted:  8/4/2011 12:00 AM


We’re very pleased to introduce you to another one of our executives with a long history of working hard to improve the lives of people with diabetes. Dr. John Mastrototaro, Vice President of Research and Development for the Diabetes business unit of Medtronic, has been with us for more than 17 years.

Among many other accomplishments, he led the team of people who created the world’s first continuous glucose monitoring technology, brought to market back in 1999 as the MiniMed CGMS system. So you might call him the “Father of CGM.”

Today he shares with The LOOP some memories from the early years of CGM development and describes the basics of how the technology works. Stay tuned for more from Dr. Mastrototaro in the weeks to come.


david boyd

Posted on Sat Aug 06 05:31:00 GMT 2011

I have been a faithful patient with medtronic for (1990-2011=21 years). I have worn a pump the entire time. I am now on my 6th or 7th version of the pump. I went on the paradigm 723(?) about a year ago. The initial freedom of not being constantly consumed by changing levels was heaven. My wife began sleeping soundly at night and my small children were safely in my care with many fewer low blood sugar instantces However six short months into my usage I lost my first transmitter. Of course days after the warrenty expired. After much deliberation you replaced my transmitter however warned me that this one had no warrenty. Well here I am again another one gone- I now have become DEPENDANT on this system and I cannot afford to replace these transmitters every six months. I think you all must be brilliant / SIX months knowing full well that chances are they will go out very shortly after that warrenty expires. A small part of me wishes that I was as savy at running my business that way, not really.... My insurace will cover one transmitter once every two years. If the Medtronic Rep would have been honest to me about my real out of pocket costs I would not have chosen this system. I feel like I have been sold a BIG BILL OF GOODS. I have been in contact with many of your service reps. I will try blogging about this at the very least Warn other users what they are getting into. David Boyd


Posted on Tue Aug 09 14:23:57 GMT 2011

What I want to know is, if Medtronic is so ahead on technology, why so behind with the people? Everyone else is catching up, but Medtronic is falling behind with their clients.
I got the mini link glucose sensor when it first came out. I was so excited about it, but then I realized: 1) it wasn't Mac compatible {now it is, but too little too late} 2) Medtronic would neither bill my insurance nor send me receipts for the sensors, even after I asked a zillion times 3) the sensors hurt, which I complained about, but nobody did anything 4) I put the thing aside for awhile 5) I've started using a Dexcom, but I hate the fact that it's not compat with my insulin pump.
LIke most users, I've always found Medtronic to meet my needs; I practically thought Medtronic was my religion. But now I want to change it all, because this company has narrowed its vision in an ever expanding diabetes world.


Posted on Tue Aug 09 15:34:37 GMT 2011

I'm sorry to hear your experience with us hasn't been a positive one. I've forwarded your information to the appropriate person who will reach out to you to see how we can help.


Posted on Thu Aug 11 15:24:21 GMT 2011

@Uzma I'm very sorry you're feeling frustrated with us and would love to find a way to do better. Can you email your phone number to loopblog (at) so we can call you and try to help?

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