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Posted By Karrie Hawbaker | October 31, 2013 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes management, holidays, Halloween,

On Halloween, third grader Kelly Kunik anticipated dressing up, trick-or-treating, and eating candy with her friends. Instead, she was learning about insulin and what a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes would mean for the future of her childhood. Kelly now wears a MiniMed pump and serves as a blogger and diabetes advocate. We are so glad that she shared her Halloween diagnosis story with us! Leave Kelly a note of encouragement in the comments, and be sure to wish her a Happy Diaversary!  Read More >

Fall is here, which means that it’s Daylight Savings Time! On November 3, most of us here in the U.S. “fall back” our clocks by one hour. The time on your insulin pump/continuous glucose monitor (CGM) determines your personal settings (including basal and bolus rates), so you'll want to make sure it is always up-to-date.  Read More >

Recently, our News to Infuse newsletter team sat down with Dr. Francine Kaufman to discuss a California Supreme Court ruling that trained non-licensed school personnel can assist California’s students in administering insulin if needed. Because this issue is so important, and because the ruling impacts the daily care of more than 10,000 students living with diabetes in California/.  Read More >

I’ve met a lot of people with diabetes, and Cindy Tenney is one that stands out as one of the most fascinating. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 13 and has lived a full life with diabetes. When it comes to diabetes technology, she’s seen it all as she wore our very first insulin pump, the MiniMed 502.  Read More >

Posted By Naomi Kingery | October 15, 2013 Posted:  

Tags: insulin pump, diabetes technology, insulin,

True or false? Active insulin is a type of insulin that is out-going, heavily involved in sports and enjoys outdoor activities. False, it’s actually an interesting and really important insulin pump feature included in the Bolus Wizard feature of our insulin pumps!  Read More >

Today I want to introduce you to Ashlie, a passionate 23-year old waitress who is pursuing a goal to work at a children’s hospital. She has had diabetes since the age of 17 and wears a MiniMed insulin pump. Earlier this year, Ashlie had the opportunity to take part in a clinical trial through her doctor’s office which allowed her to use the Enlite sensor.  Read More >

Since announcing the news that we received FDA approval of MiniMed® 530G with Enlite on Friday, it’s been great to hear so many of you share in our excitement about this new product and critical first step toward a fully automated artificial pancreas. Hearing from you here on The LOOP as well as on Facebook and Twitter, as always, is really wonderful. In addition to sharing enthusiasm for this new technology, you’ve asked many very good questions.  Read More >

We’ve heard from some magnificent moms with diabetes in the past. Remember Cheryl and Elisa? Today, we hear from Shannon Massi Yuri, a mom to three beautiful kids, including a set of twins! Being able to breastfeed her children was very important to Shannon. Read her story below to hear how she did it and share your experiences with us in the comments.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | October 30, 2012 Posted:  


We are dedicated to providing services to our customers when they are faced with unusual circumstances. In the event you or your family is impacted by the recent storm please remember to take the following items with you:  Read More >

Every holiday has its traditions. Here at Medtronic Diabetes, we wanted to partake in one of Halloween’s most common traditions – pumpkin carving… Medtronic style!  Read More >

Posted By Karen Graffeo | October 23, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: temp basal, insulin pump,

In my last post I talked about using my pump’s Dual Wave Bolus feature to tackle foods that are rough on my blood sugar. But the Dual Wave isn’t the only feature on my pump that helps with my blood sugar management. I also make use of the Temp Basal function to try to cut down on highs and lows.  Read More >

Posted By Meri Schuhmacher | October 18, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: parenting, diabetes management, Halloween,

I have a secret. A secret not even my own children know. I'm not a fan of Halloween. There are many reasons for my hesitancy to embrace this holiday, the pinnacle being I have three children with type 1 diabetes. Yet the fact remains, I am the mother to four Halloween loving boys. There is no getting around it...I must embrace the holiday as if it were my own birthday.  Read More >

Posted By Karrie Hawbaker | October 11, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes technology,

Today we welcome back Lane Desborough, a product strategist here at Medtronic, to talk about how, as a company, we must continue to challenge ourselves to innovate for people with diabetes. In the video below Lane mentions one of his favorite books, The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christenson.  Read More >

Posted By Naomi Kingery | October 9, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: insulin pump, battery, living with diabetes, diabetes care,

I’ve always believed that as a person with diabetes it’s important to take what I learn and share this information with others. I have many times benefited by being on the receiving end and learning from my friends with diabetes. I like to use my blog posts as a way to educate and share interesting tips, but to also share my personal experiences (even if it means sharing my mistakes, like I’m about to…)  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | October 4, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes supplies,

With school back in session for most kids, many families spent the last several weeks packing and preparing for a new classroom, teacher, coursework and routine. Of course, back-to-school planning is even more important for kids with diabetes. Today, we hear from guest blogger Krissy Karanikitas, as she mentally runs through her lists and plans for her two children, Alex and Lilly, during a 4am blood glucose check.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | October 31, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: parenting, insulin pump, holidays,

Today we welcome back Allison Blass as a guest blogger at The LOOP. In this post, she’s digging up some childhood trick-or-treat memories and offering up some advice to D-parents about making Halloween fun for kids with diabetes. Also, whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, there’s still time to enter your photos (from this year or Halloween’s past) to The LOOP Halloween Contest. First prize is $100 Gift Card!  Read More >

Posted By Karrie Hawbaker | October 28, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: insulin pump, Halloween, continuous glucose monitoring,

Happy Halloween! We’re sure you are excited about dressing up for Halloween this weekend. When you do, don’t forget to take pics for The LOOP Halloween Costume Contest and email them to long with a 300-word summary of your get-up by the 31st. We’re giving prizes for our favorite three and top prize wins $100 Visa Gift card. We can’t wait to see everyone’s creativity! In the meantime, have a safe and spooktacular weekend!  Read More >

Posted By Lane Desborough | October 27, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes management,

With school back in session, we know many parents of children with diabetes face the challenge of how to best work with teachers and other school staff to ensure their child’s safety at school and create a positive environment for learning. We happened to see a letter Lane sent to Hayden’s school and asked him to share it with you. This is just one way to communicate with your child’s school.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | October 26, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: insulin pump,

You may have heard recently about computer security professionals demonstrating ways insulin pumps can be wirelessly tampered with or “hacked.” I’d like to share with you the facts, update you on the progress Medtronic is making in this area, and provide you with some steps you can take to protect yourself.  Read More >

Posted By Karrie Hawbaker | October 25, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: insulin pump, continuous glucose monitoring,

Today we hear from Nicole Purcell. She’s had type 1 diabetes for nearly 30 years and, just recently, begun living on her own without parents or roommates for the first time – a scary but exciting new journey . If you have any tips for Nicole or others in her situation, please share in the, rather unceremoniously, told me she was leaving, to go back to Texas. In eighteen hours. The very next day.  Read More >

Posted By Lane Desborough | October 20, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: Global Heroes, Twin Cities Marathon,

On Sunday, October 2, I ran the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. This was the 30th running of the “most beautiful marathon in America” and Medtronic’s new CEO Omar Ishrak spoke to the 8,500 marathon runners and 7,500 TC 10-mile runners, priming us just before the start. It was great to have him kick it off. Omar cares deeply about diabetes; as part of his own learning journey he recently met with a number of us as part of an employee focus group.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | October 18, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes care, diabetes management,

On Saturday, October 1, I had the pleasure of attending Desert Springs Hospital’s 20th Health and Diabetes Fest in Las Vegas, NV.  Read More >

Posted By Sarah Knotts | October 13, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: insulin pump, Bolus, diabetes care,

That’s the name of the game when you’re a new mom. From the time your feet hit the floor in the morning until you lay back down at night for a hopeful few hours of rest, you’re on the go. Whether you’re getting the baby what he needs or trying to get yourself ready without putting on two different socks (or remembering the socks at all?), you’re constantly moving and going, trying to get everything done in time.  Read More >

Posted By Naomi Kingery | October 11, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: cold weather, insulin,

I have been sitting in meeting after meeting recently discussing the topic: high blood glucose (BG). People representing teams all over the company have thrown around the question “How can we help customers with unexplained high numbers” (without giving medical advice, of course, since you should rely on your doctor for that)?  Read More >

Posted By Karrie Hawbaker | October 10, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: insulin pump, continuous glucose monitoring,

Halloween is almost here - that time of year to get creative and don your favorite costume. But if you’re an all-year-round diabetes superhero and wear an insulin pump or CGM, how does that fit into your October 31st ensemble?  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | October 6, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: continuous glucose monitoring,

Today we welcome back Dr. Mastrototaro, who answers one of the most frequently asked CGM questions: Why do sensor glucose readings lag behind blood glucose readings?  Read More >

Posted By Lane Desborough | October 4, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: Diabetes Mine Challenge,

On Saturday September 17, I participated in a remarkable event: the first ever Diabetes Mine Innovation Summit, held at Stanford University concurrently with the Health 2.0 Conference. Forty people attended the all-day, intensive interactive session facilitated by IDEO, one of the world's leading design firms. Firms in attendance included Abbott, Agamatrix, Caleritas, DexCom, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Sanofi-Aventis, and WellDoc.  Read More >

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