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Has this ever happened to you? You think you have a couple of reservoirs left in your drawer, it’s a long holiday weekend, and before you know it, it’s time to change out your infusion set and reservoir. You look in your drawer and find that you don’t have any left. Have you ever been here before? I know I have. With spring here and all of the “spring cleaning” you might be doing, consider adding your diabetes supplies to the list of household items that need some organization.  Read More >

In 2002, at the age of 39, Tony was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. His primary care doctor started him on the usual diabetes regimen he started all his patients on - oral diabetes medications, and was told to get a blood glucose meter, test a couple times a day, and lose weight. As he left his doctor’s office, he was given two pamphlets about diabetes and was wished “good luck”. Tony takes you through his struggle managing type 2 diabetes, and how insulin pump therapy changed his life.  Read More >

Scott was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1981, at the age of seven. When he and his wife decided to start a family, Scott became more focused on his diabetes care; he connected with other people who have diabetes through online forums, and in 2006, started using an insulin pump. He finds balancing his family life, full-time engineering job, and diabetes advocacy work to be nearly as challenging as balancing his blood sugars.  Read More >

Our latest integrated system, MiniMed 530G with Enlite, offers the new feature of Threshold Suspend. Threshold Suspend is a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) enabled feature that is designed to automatically stop insulin delivery when your sensor value reaches or falls below a pre-set threshold. You may have heard the news about this important step toward a fully automated artificial pancreas, but how does it actually work?  Read More >

As a college student, Lyndsay Riffe studied nutrition to become a dietitian. She had developed a deep understanding and passion for the human body’s complex relationship with food during her childhood, after she was diagnosed with diabetes at age three. Lyndsay thought the influence of diabetes on her professional life would end there.  Read More >

My first son was diagnosed fifteen years ago at eight months old. Back then, we used a flurry of different insulins, trying to find the best regimen for him. Every day was a marathon. We jumped through hoops to make our daily routine match the demands the insulin had on our son.  Read More >

Spring is here, which means that it’s Daylight Savings time! On March 9, most of us here in the U.S. will “Spring Forward” our clocks by one hour.  Read More >

Posted By Naomi Kingery | March 6, 2014 Posted:  

Tags: travel, insulin pump, college,

Spring is upon us and as many college students prepare for that much anticipated (and well-deserved) spring break, we wanted to take the opportunity to remind everyone to make sure to take the necessary steps and pack accordingly to ensure you make the most of your vacation! Today, Megan Zwerling, a sophomore studying biomedical engineering, joins us to share how she – and her roommate – are preparing for their trip south! Let us know what tips you have in the comments below.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | March 5, 2014 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes, diabetes care, diabetes community, blogaversary,

Today, we are celebrating The LOOP blog’s 3rd blogaversary! Since the launch of our blog, we have enjoyed continuing to find new ways to connect with you in the online such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Through all these channels, it’s been exciting to share success and community generated stories, help and support tips, industry news and announcements, while connecting with many amazing people in the Diabetes Online Community.  Read More >

Like me, you probably have a diabetes supply drawer (unofficially) labeled with “I have no idea what to do with these.” We recently asked a question to our Facebook community that read, “Spring is almost here! Are you planning to do some spring cleaning with your diabetes supplies?” and it sounded like the community had some of the same questions I had about best practices for disposing of these supplies. So what are you supposed to do with different diabetes supplies?  Read More >

Today we welcome back our favorite sky-diver with diabetes, Michael Craig, who’s here to share some exciting news – he’s moving across the country for an exciting new job with the JDRF! Of course, new jobs are stressful and moving is a hassle for anyone. But there’s even more to think about and plan for if you live with type 1 diabetes. Hear how Michael is managing it all and join us in congratulating him on such an exciting time in his life!  Read More >

Posted By Naomi Kingery | March 21, 2013 Posted:  

Tags: sports, living with diabetes, parenting,

I recently shared part one of a two part interview with Steve and Elissa Renouf. To make a long (and incredible) story short, Steve is a world famous Rugby player from Australia and has type 1 diabetes. He is married to Elissa, and together they have five children, four of whom also have diabetes! Here is the second part of their interview where they discuss how diabetes has impacted the future of their family, including becoming the foundational idea for a successful business.  Read More >

You may remember Brett Griswold from some of our previous blogs such as On Love and Diabetes, Screening for Type 1 Diabetes and When to Tell Your Valentine about your Diabetes. Today, Brett shares with us how he prepares to manage his diabetes while vacationing in Las Vegas during March Madness. How do you prepare for vacation?  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | March 14, 2013 Posted:  

Tags: St. Patrick's Day, holidays, diabetes care, insulin pump,

Growing up in a household full of Irish heritage, St. Patrick’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love the tradition of green shamrocks, cornbeef and cabbage and Irish music. So I was thrilled when a customer shared a photo of playing a bagpipe in a St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Thanks Jennifer for sharing your tips for managing to pump while playing the long route.  Read More >

Today, we hear from Jake’s mom, Joy. She talks about how she was initially nervous to transition to insulin pump therapy to help manage Jake’s type 1 diabetes. She found that with practice it became easier and now even brings her peace of mind. Listen to her story and tell us: what were your concerns before starting your child on insulin pump therapy and what’s life like for your family now?  Read More >

Spring is almost here, which means that it’s time for Daylight Savings Time! On March 10, most of us here in the U.S. “spring forward” our clocks by one hour. The time on your insulin pump/continuous glucose monitor (CGM) determines your personal settings (including basal and bolus rates), so you’ll want to make sure it is always up-to-date.  Read More >

Remember Celine Parent, Lindsey Burch, and Lindsay Gossack? Not only do they have living with diabetes in common, they’re also inspirational insulin pumpers and Medtronic Global Heroes! Along with these blog posts, you can hear more stories from the 2012 Global Heroes in this video.  Read More >

As some of you may know, we’ve teamed up with the Diabetes Hands Foundation for a series of Live Interviews with Medtronic leaders, broadcast over at TuDiabetes. If you missed the first two, be sure to check out the archives of Dr. Francine Kaufman and Lane Desborough. For the third event in the series, we’re thrilled to have Dr. John Mastrototaro discussing a very popular topic – the road to the artificial pancreas.  Read More >

Posted By Dr. Francine Kaufman | March 22, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes advocacy, Haiti,

Editor’s Note: Today Dr. Kaufman shares her closing thoughts on her experiences from her most recent trip to Haiti, where she helped with the first-ever diabetes camp in Haiti. If you’re just now joining us for her story, please be sure to check out Return to Haiti: Part 1. and Return to Haiti: Part 2.  Read More >

Posted By Dr. Francine Kaufman | March 15, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes advocacy, Haiti,

Friday night we left the camp at dusk – it is not safe to travel much after dark – just after the kids rambled off the bus and got settled in camp. It is located up in the mountains, where the well-off live. Anxious to get back, we got up early Saturday morning and headed back up the mountain. Heading up this mountain in Haiti was like swimming against the current, broken down vehicles, chaos in the streets, pot holes as big as cars, and animals running free – mainly dogs and goats.  Read More >

Posted By Karrie Hawbaker | March 9, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: daylight savings, basal rate, Bolus, pump settings,

Spring has almost sprung, which means that Daylight Savings Time is here. On March 11, most of us here in the U.S. “spring forward” our clocks by one hour. The time on your insulin pump/continuous glucose monitor (CGM) determines your personal settings (including basal and bolus rates), so you’ll want to make sure it is always up-to-date.  Read More >

Posted By Naomi Kingery | March 6, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes care, insulin pump,

Spring cleaning is the time of year when we tend to clean up our surroundings to simplify our lives after the dreary winter months. Depending on where you live, you may be coming out of the cold soon and, with the sight of some new blooms, ready to take on your closet or your kitchen cabinets. But how about organizing your pump supplies or cleaning your insulin pump?  Read More >

Posted By Dr. Francine Kaufman | March 1, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes advocacy, Haiti,

We have been in Haiti for three days – but it seems like a life time. When we arrived in the airport, it was chaos, and finding our host – Phillipe Larco, MD (an epidemiologist, and the husband of Nancy Larco, MD – the endocrinologist who runs FHADIMAC, the Haitian Diabetes Association and who we came to work with) – was an arduous task being jostled and harangued by a throng of Haitian men trying to help us so that we would pay them a dollar.  Read More >

Posted By Karrie Hawbaker | March 31, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: insulin pump, diabetes care, diabetes burnout,

Today we’d like to introduce Kristen Call, another Medtronic employee living with diabetes, who initially started her career in the diabetes business unit while on MDI. Now working with Medtronic Navigation in the operating room, Kristen opens up to The LOOP about her personal challenges with treating her diabetes, and how turning 30 motivated her when she needed it most.  Read More >

Posted By Dr. Francine Kaufman | March 29, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes care, exercise,

A lot of patients ask me if it is safe for them to exercise with diabetes, and my answer is yes. As someone whose desk is a treadmill, I firmly believe that being active is important for everyone. Here are some tips for your workout.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | March 28, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes care,

Its exciting to celebrate our one month anniversary this week. The best part has been interacting with everyone who has commented or sent in feedback. Check out the video below to hear how you can particpate in the LOOP.  Read More >

I recently traveled to Haiti with my husband, and the incredible Evelyne Fleury Milfort, nurse practitioner and diabetes educator at USC. The purpose of our visit was to provide training for health care professionals at all levels concerning the treatment of people with diabetes. Because we want to continue helping the people of Haiti, we need a plan of action, and it is clear that our first step is to share our experience with you.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | March 22, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: CareLink, diabetes care,

Today we’re happy to feature a post from Naomi Kingery. Like many Medtronic employees, Naomi has personal experience with diabetes. In fact, she had been a self-proclaimed “Proud Pink Pumper” for seven years before coming to work with us. You may also know her as the “Diabetic Diva,” offering her fresh, fun perspective to the diabetes community. Today, she’s talking to The Loop about the challenge of keeping track of her blood sugar numbers.  Read More >

Posted By Karrie Hawbaker | March 18, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes care, insulin pump, patient events,

When you work hard and perform well at your job, it’s always nice to get a little recognition from the boss, right? We all know that managing diabetes effectively is no small task. So, when’s the last time someone recognized you for putting in the time and effort to take control of your diabetes?  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | March 17, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: holidays, diabetes care,

Donning some green and embracing your inner leprechaun can be a lot of fun. But if your St. Patrick’s Day involves green beer (or any other type of alcohol), you need to be careful. That’s why we asked our own Dr. Francine Kaufman to provide some tips to help keep your celebration safe.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | March 15, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: predictive alerts, parenting, insulin pump,

While all parents struggle when our kids hit the teenage years and we have to start “letting go” a bit, it’s especially hard when your child has diabetes. We asked Karen Biastre to give us her perspective and tips for how her family manages now that her teenage son Nate is looking for a little more freedom. Have any tips to add? Be sure to let us know in the comments!  Read More >

Posted By Ali Straub | March 10, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: daylight savings, pump settings, basal rate, Bolus,

Spring has almost sprung, which means that Daylight Savings Time is here. On March 13, most of us here in the U.S. “spring forward” our clocks by one hour. The time on your insulin pump/continuous glucose monitor (CGM) determines your personal settings (including basal and bolus rates), so you’ll want to make sure it is always up-to-date.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | March 8, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes care, artificial pancreas, insulin pump,

Last week, you heard from Lane Desborough and his motivation to develop the technology to close the loop, for his son Hayden. So, today, we thought we would bring you a video of 12-year-old Hayden, a great kid who’s not letting his diabetes keep him from doing anything he wants to do.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | March 3, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: artificial pancreas, parenting, diabetes care,

One of my favorite things about being the director of PR, is that I get to meet and work with a lot of different people each and every day. This includes working with product strategists, who are busy determining the right set of features and new technology to put into future products to help make managing diabetes easier. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Lane.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | March 1, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes care, insulin pump, exercise, cold weather,

Today, meet Michael Findling. He’s one of those guys who keeps the Medtronic marketing department fun. He’s also a 7-year pumper and a lifelong outdoor sports guy. Let’s hear his take on taking on the slopes of Southern California with his insulin pump.  Read More >

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