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Being diagnosed with diabetes can prompt a lot of questions, confusion, and uncertainty. Once a Throwback Thursday ago, we asked some of our friends in the community for the best advice they received when they were first diagnosed with diabetes. Here’s what they shared. How about you? What’s the best advice you were told when diagnosed?  Read More >

Posted By Naomi Kingery | June 24, 2014 Posted:  

Tags: carb counting, carbohydrates, meal planning,

Counting carbohydrates (carbs) is important to do at meal and snack times to calculate the amount of insulin you’ll need. Carbs are the one thing that can really affect our blood sugar and throw us into a tailspin, whether we have too many or not enough to match our insulin dose. Carb counting seems simple enough, but sometimes it can be a little tricky. Here are 5 tips from our clinical team to help keep you on track.  Read More >

Considering insulin pump therapy, but on the fence about wearing one? Pumper since age 17 and person with type 1 diabetes for 37 years, Cindy Tenney, encourages you not to wait. Watch the video to find out why.  Read More >

Many of you have been wondering why the glucose number on your pump or CGM receiver doesn’t always match the number on your meter. To help give you a better understanding, this video explains why the two values will rarely match and are expected to be different. Have questions after watching the video? Let us know in the comments below.  Read More >

I believe people with diabetes are like super heroes, but we don’t realize it. I say this to drive home the fact that we deal with a lot, and we manage both big and small details involved in day to day care, and we don’t always step back to recognize that.  Read More >

Kitty Castellini joined the Medtronic family in 2000 when she started using the MiniMed 508 insulin pump. As you may recall from her 50 Year Journey with Diabetes blog, Kitty underwent a pancreatic transplant in 2004, and for some time did not need an insulin pump to manage her diabetes. In 2013, Kitty’s transplanted pancreas failed, leading her back to insulin pump therapy. From the MiniMed 508, to the MiniMed 530G with Enlite, Kitty shares how far technology advancements have come.  Read More >

Summertime brings warmer weather, which means a lighter wardrobe of skirts, shorts and swimwear. So, we asked some of our friends in the diabetes online community for some tips on how they wear their insulin pumps with summer fashion. Read what they had to say, then tell us your own tips in the comments!  Read More >

Posted By Naomi Kingery | June 20, 2013 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes technology, Facebook contest,

In April we were thrilled to launch our first video contest for our Medtronic Diabetes Facebook Community. It was called Amazing Moments and the premise was simple: submit a video of what living life to the fullest means to you. We were blown away by the submissions from our creative and passionate Facebook community! Once all the videos were submitted, we asked the community to vote for their favorite and you chose the video submitted by our Facebook fan, James Jackson!  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | June 13, 2013 Posted:  

Tags: Father's Day, parenting, diabetes care,

In honor of Father’s Day this upcoming Sunday, we want to take the opportunity to thank all you Dads, step-dads, granddads and honorary dads for all you do! To celebrate this special day with our community, we decided to share a few of the wonderful stories submitted by our customers to our News to Infuse newsletter last year. Please take a moment to read these sentimental stories, and then share your own tribute to your dad in the comments below.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | June 10, 2013 Posted:  

Tags: insulin pump,

Here at Medtronic Diabetes, we’re committed to keeping customers like you informed about issues and solutions concerning our products and services. Your safety is absolutely our top priority, which is why I’m writing today to let you know about a potential safety issue and provide you with information on how you can avoid it.  Read More >

Posted By Naomi Kingery | June 6, 2013 Posted:  

Tags: wedding, insulin pump, insulin pump therapy,

We often receive Medtronic customer stories through our Facebook “Share Your Story” app and many of them stand out. When we received a brief introduction and picture of Steve and Carolyn on their wedding day, we couldn’t stop talking about how cute we thought it was! We knew we wanted to hear more about their story, so I reached out to Steve (who has had type 1 diabetes since the age of 22) to hear more about how he managed his diabetes with his MiniMed insulin pump on this picture perfect day.  Read More >

My very first blood glucose meter was probably about the size of a brick, and in my mind it was as heavy as a brick too. This was back in the early 1980’s when meters required a huge blood sample (by today’s standards) and several minutes to give a reading, but it was so much better than the urine testing that had been my only option. Over the years I’ve watched meters grow smaller and faster and easier to use.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | June 29, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: Facebook contest, diabetes care,

I want to take a moment to thank all of you who have joined our new Facebook community! It’s wonderful to be able to share with/hear from you on a daily basis, as well as twice a week here at The LOOP. When joining us on Facebook, I know many of you also entered the contest to win a trip to Los Angeles to enjoy some of our local sights, tour the Medtronic facility and meet with some of our executives. The good news is, we’ve selected a winner!  Read More >

Posted By Naomi Kingery | June 26, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes care, insulin pump,

One topic that customers often ask about when they call the 24-Hour HelpLine is the buttons on their insulin pumps. How durable are they? Am I pushing them too hard? Am I pushing them the wrong way? I can understand why - there’s so much riding on those buttons! The more than 1 million lines of computer code in a Medtronic insulin pump (interesting factoid for you!) are controlled by only four little buttons.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | June 21, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes online community, diabetes care,

As many of you know, we launched the Medtronic Diabetes Facebook page a few weeks ago. We’re really enjoying the opportunity to connect with customers like you both on Facebook as well as here at The LOOP. In addition to answering your questions and providing tips and information, it’s been wonderful to hear from so many of you about the extraordinary (and ordinary) moments in your lives – from wedding days and birthday pool parties to softball games and mountain climbs.  Read More >

Posted By Karrie Hawbaker | June 19, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: insulin pump, diabetes care, skydiving,

Many people with diabetes tell the story of how, shortly after diagnosis, a friend, family member or healthcare provider says something along the lines of “You can’t be at truck driver or join the military, but career-wise anything else is open to you.” I’ve been lucky enough to meet people for whom “anything else” became a fireman, teacher, scientist, nurse, journalist, hair stylist, runner, singer or professional athlete. But meeting Michael Craig still wowed me...  Read More >

Posted By Karrie Hawbaker | June 14, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes care, diabetes research,

In case you missed it last week, the diabetes community lost someone who made a significant contribution to the understanding of diabetes – Dr. David Lawrence Rimoin.  Read More >

Today, I’m so pleased to share with you some exciting news about our new partnership with JDRF, in collaboration with the Helmsley Charitable Trust (HCT), to advance continuous glucose monitoring toward an artificial pancreas. The goal of the partnership is to accelerate the development of the Medtronic novel redundant sensor system, which combines two unique sensing technologies in one device.  Read More >

July 4th is a great time to celebrate our nation’s independence with friends and family, outdoor activities and (of course) food. As Americans, this is a holiday where we traditionally love to go big. If you have diabetes, a little restraint and planning might be in order, but there’s no reason you can’t go big on fun. Here are a few tips from our clinical team to help keep you on track.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | June 28, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes care, insulin pump, CDE,

Meet the inspirational Natalie Strand, winner of the Amazing Race 17. Natalie proved to millions of viewers that diabetes does not have to hold you back from anything! A while back, Natalie gave a great interview to Diabetes Mine about her reality TV experience. Today, she talks to The LOOP about the important role her certified diabetes educator (CDE) plays in her diabetes management.  Read More >

Posted By Karrie Hawbaker | June 23, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: insulin pump, exercise, basal pattern,

Today, meet 19-year-old Ross McDonald. Though diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 12, Ross continues to chase his dream of winning an Olympic Gold Medal. Now a two-time Massachusetts State Champion in the pole vault and a member of the University of Southern California’s track team, Ross credits diabetes for teaching him to face obstacles head-on instead of pushing them aside – a valuable lesson for both on and off the field.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | June 21, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: insulin pump, intimacy,

Meet Maggie Hunts — international speaker, comedian, singer, and author. Having lived with diabetes for more than 25 years, Maggie travels the world sharing her experiences and showing others that you can live a happy and healthy life with diabetes. With her sense of humor and openness to tackle just about any subject, Maggie’s first post the The LOOP will answer a question that many of you may have: Will I Look Weird Naked?  Read More >

Posted By Karrie Hawbaker | June 20, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: Lenny the Lion, diabetes care, carb counting,

Today we welcome Stephen Gray, Marketing Associate at Medtronic, who’s swinging by The LOOP to introduce you to his courageous friend Lenny the Lion – just in case you haven’t had the chance to meet him yet. As Stephen will tell you, Lenny’s a busy cat with a lot of friends, including Meri Schuhmacher and her four fabulous boys – three of whom have type 1 diabetes! Lenny is helping Meri celebrate her blogaversary (and recover from her adventurous trip to Disney Land).  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | June 16, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes care, Father's Day, parenting,

In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, we have a post from one of our favorite D-Dads, Lane Desborough. A Product Strategist here at Medtronic working to develop an artificial pancreas, Lane came to work for us after his son Hayden was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Today he shares how, in many ways, his son’s diagnosis was as overwhelming as becoming a new parent again.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | June 14, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes technology, JDRF,

Recently our own Greg Meehan, Vice President and General Manager of Continuous Glucose Management and Hospital Products for the Diabetes business unit, joined the board of directors of the Los Angeles Chapter of the JDRF. Today, he discusses his personal passion for helping others as well our commitment to the JDRF and the diabetes community.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | June 9, 2011 Posted:  


Today we hear from 14-year-old Claire Montgomery, founder and writer of her own blog where she writes about the many changes over the past few years, including being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and moving to Mexico. She talks to us today about the lessons she has learned since her diagnosis and the importance of being able to take more responsibility for her own diabetes management now that she’s growing up – an important lesson for many tweens and teens growing up with diabetes.  Read More >

Posted By Karrie Hawbaker | June 7, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: living with diabetes,

Last week, the Associated Press ran an article about 90-year-old Bob Krause, who recently celebrated his 85th anniversary with type 1 diabetes. That’s right, his 85th anniversary! To put it in perspective, the year Bob was born, Frederick Banting and John Macleod had just discovered insulin.  Read More >

Summer is here and it’s time for many of us to hit the road – or air. Before you set out to satisfy your wanderlust, check out our answers to the top five questions we receive about air travel with an insulin pump and/or continuous glucose monitor (CGM).  Read More >

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