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Posted By Naomi Kingery | August 29, 2013 Posted:  

Tags: cgm, sensor, continuous glucose monitoring, diabetes care,

If you’re planning to not use your transmitter for a little while, it’s important to remember to properly store your transmitter during that time in order to retain optimal battery life. This is a topic that not a lot of Medtronic customers have really thought about, so I touched base with my co-workers Kristin, a CGM Product Specialist, and Rob, a Customer Experience Driver from the 24-Hour HelpLine, to get their tips on some things to consider when storing your transmitter:  Read More >

You might remember that last year we did our very first “Back-to-School” Contest with our Facebook community. The premise was simple: tell us your best back-to-school tip and you could be a winner. Three winners were selected but narrowing it down was TOUGH because there were so many informational and insightful tips from our community.  Read More >

Oftentimes the bond between a child with diabetes and their parents can be extremely special and this story is no exception! Meet Jane and Mac, the dynamic mother-son-duo. Mac was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 9 and began on a Medtronic insulin pump soon after. He is now an active 12-year-old with two brothers and one sister. He plays football, basketball, golf, and swims. He is also currently getting ready to compete in the World Archery Tournament in St. Louis! Here is his story  Read More >

Posted By Karrie Hawbaker | August 20, 2013 Posted:  

Tags: teenagers, living with diabetes, parenting,

Earlier this year we introduced you to Ed Monas, who you learned has many titles, two of which are Director of Sales Initiatives and Distributor Operations here at Medtronic and “diabetes dad.” Ed and his wife Linda have a son Grey who has had type 1 diabetes since he was 10 months old. Grey is now a teenager and taking more and more responsibility for his own diabetes. Last fall, he even spent a semester at boarding school 2,000+ miles away from home.  Read More >

Our friends in the diabetes community have recently shared some great tips on how to wear an insulin pump in the summertime and how to manage your diabetes when swimming. Today we wrap up this series as they share tips specifically for when those temperatures get really extreme. How about you – how are you braving the heat this summer?  Read More >

I am constantly amazed at young people affected by type 1 diabetes for their resilience, bravery, and ability to seemingly step beyond their years to advocate within their local, regional, and national communities to increase awareness, fund research, and improve therapy coverage. While most kids are concentrated on school, sports, and playing with their friends, these amazing young adults somehow find time for all of that and time for spreading awareness and educating others about diabetes.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | August 13, 2013 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes care, insurance, customer service,

If you’re a Medtronic customer, you might have noticed that over the last year we’ve been making changes to our online tools to improve your online customer experience. This summer we’ve launched two anxiously awaited online options. You have been requesting these changes for a while now and I want you to know that we’ve listened! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Online Auto Reorder and Online Bill Pay!  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | August 8, 2013 Posted:  

Tags: insulin pump, 523, 723, back to school, diabetes supplies,

With another back-to-school season just around the corner, many of us are thinking about all of the things we need to do to prepare our children for a successful year in school. With all of the stressors that go along with preparing for a new school year such as school supply shopping, packing and preparing for a new classroom, teacher, coursework and routine, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. This feeling can be amplified when also planning for a child who has diabetes.  Read More >

Last year at the Medtronic Diabetes Advocate Forum, my friend and fellow D-dad Bennet Dunlap looked me in the eye and said "You need to go to Friends for Life. It's a life-changing experience." Fast-forward to a few weeks ago, when I took a break from my busy work schedule (I traveled over 100,000 miles last year), and took my sons Hayden (14, T1DM, celiac, egg allergies) and Hunter (8, egg allergies) to Orlando to attend the 14th annual Children With Diabetes Friends for Life Conference.  Read More >

Today, Amanda Griswold from the Customer Experience Team here at Medtronic joins us to talk about questions that people commonly have before going on an insulin pump and/or continuous glucose monitor (CGM). What are some questions you had before trying a pump/CGM and how do you feel now?  Read More >

Posted By Karrie Hawbaker | August 30, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: continuous glucose monitoring, diabetes care, skydiving,

I’m excited to share with you our first guest blog from action sports enthusiast and professional skydiver, Michael Craig. You may remember him from his interview with The LOOP back in June. Michael is definitely an inspirational guy, always going for it, and not letting life circumstances prevent him from following his dreams and doing what he loves; something that anyone can admire. Today, Michael shares some of his history with us, as well as his experiences after 30 days using CGM.  Read More >

Posted By Karen Graffeo | August 28, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: dual wave, Bolus, diabetes care,

As a person with diabetes, I find that certain foods will completely wreck my blood sugar. Those items can vary from person to person, but I’ve got quite a list of foods that always bring me major blood sugar mayhem. So when I began pumping after 28 years of injections I was determined to use my pump’s features to tackle some of my favorite challenging foods. Any guesses on which food was first on my list?  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | August 23, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes management,

Today, we’re excited to share with you another guest blog from Katie Janowiak, who works for the Medtronic Foundation, our company’s philanthropic arm. This time, Katie takes us back to her college days at Michigan State University and comically demonstrates the importance of always thinking ahead and being prepared when living with diabetes.  Read More >

Posted By Karrie Hawbaker | August 21, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: College Diabetes Network, insulin pump therapy, college,

For many students and families who have a loved one living with diabetes, heading off to college for the first time can be both an exciting and scary experience. For the first time these students experience living on their own and they are ultimately responsible for their own well-being and diabetes management. The College Diabetes Network, an organization emerging on college campuses throughout the U.S. and Canada, strives to improve the lives of students on campus living with type 1 diabetes  Read More >

Posted By Karrie Hawbaker | August 17, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: insulin pump, continuous glucose monitoring, diabetes care,

I would like to take a moment to first thank everyone for the wonderful diabetes management tips submitted on our Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitoring blog by Dr. Francine Kaufman. As you know, everyone who submitted a tip was automatically entered in to a drawing to win 1 of 10 copies of her new book, Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitoring: A User’s Guide To Effective Diabetes Management.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | August 16, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes care, Lenny the Lion,

Do you have a great tip for managing diabetes while in school? With the new school year quickly approaching, we want to hear about the ways you prepare. Do you have great tips when it comes to managing diabetes in the cafeteria, or in the middle of biology class? Whether your tip is for a little one just starting Kindergarten, a tween/teen or a young adult heading off to college, we want to hear from you!  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | August 14, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: Type 1, diabetes care, insulin pump,

Meet James, a Medtronic MiniMed customer who shares his experience about being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and using insulin pump therapy to help him manage his diabetes.  Read More >

Posted By Naomi Kingery | August 9, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: diabetes care, insulin pump,

A change of scenery is always nice, and this summer my travel agenda has taken me to Arizona, South Carolina, and Minnesota so far. I first prepared for my trips by checking the weather forecast and learned I would be experiencing triple-digit weather, talk about change! I did research to learn about heat and insulin pumps and I would like to follow up on the insulin storage blog I wrote last fall  Read More >

Posted By Meri Schuhmacher | August 7, 2012 Posted:  

Tags: back to school, diabetes management, parenting,

Editor’s Note: Last fall, the amazing d-mom Meri Schumacher from was kind enough to write an article for our e-newsletter News to Infuse, sharing some of her back-to-school wisdom to parents and other family members of children with diabetes. With another school year right around the corner for many, we thought this would be a good time to share this information with our readers of The LOOP as well. Hope you enjoy and a big thank you Meri for sharing  Read More >

Posted By Karrie Hawbaker | August 2, 2012 Posted:  


Today, we want to give big congratulations to the winners of this month’s Best of the 'Betes Blogs! If you’re not familiar, the Best of the ‘Betes is the brainchild of Sara Knicks over at Moments of Wonderful and a great way to discover new diabetes blogs and bloggers. Here’s how it works - Throughout the month as you’re reading your favorite diabetes blogs, you can nominate your favorites in 13 different categories...  Read More >

Posted By Lane Desborough | August 30, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: product development, artificial pancreas,

Last time we talked about what control means to engineers and how, to me, control is all about transferring variability from a place where it hurts to a place where it doesn’t hurt as much. Today, I thought we could talk about how we measure that variability, since that’s the goal of control (Hint: it’s more than just A1c).  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | August 26, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: insulin pump,

This week there have been additional stories about wireless tampering of insulin pumps and Medtronic’s information security efforts. We wrote an initial blog but wanted to follow up with more information as it is important that you feel safe when wearing your device.  Read More >

Posted By Karrie Hawbaker | August 25, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: CareLink,

Today we continue with Part 2 of Dr. Dewan’s post on using CareLink Personal Software in schools to better monitor students with diabetes throughout the day and improve communication between families, physicians and school nurses. Last time he talked about set-up and addressing roadblocks. In this entry, he talks about maximizing CareLink once it’s implemented.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | August 23, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: CareLink,

Today we’re thrilled to feature a guest post from Dr. Asheesh Dewan, a pediatric endocrinologist from Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Dewan has worked with several parents and school administrators and nurses in the Las Vegas area to implement CareLink Personal Software in more than 50 schools to better monitor students with diabetes throughout the day and improve communication between families, physicians and school nurses. Thank you Dr. Dewan for all you do for the diabetes community!  Read More >

Posted By Dr. Francine Kaufman | August 18, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: insulin pump, weight gain,

One concern patients sometimes ask about before starting insulin pump therapy is weight gain. A common myth exists that going on a pump causes one to gain weight. While it is just a myth and using an insulin pump does not cause weight gain, many people taking insulin do gain weight. The question is, why?  Read More >

Posted By Karrie Hawbaker | August 16, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: celiac,

Meet today’s guest blogger, Michael DiFiore, a Marketing Associate on our Continuous Glucose Monitoring team. In this post Michael talks about living with type 1 diabetes and celiac, an autoimmune disease that affects the digestive system. According to the JDRF, he’s not alone: 1 in 10 people with type 1 diabetes also have celiac. (In the general population, approximately 1 in 100 people have celiac.) Thanks Michael for sharing your story and tips for others managing both conditions.  Read More >

Posted By Naomi Kingery | August 11, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: help and support,

Here at Medtronic, in addition to consistently working on technologies to help improve your clinical outcomes, we’re also working hard to find ways to make managing your diabetes more convenient. That includes keeping up with the technology of this “iPhone world” we now live in.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | August 9, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: continuous glucose monitoring, insulin pump,

Recently, the Associated Press ran an article about research presented at a computer security conference regarding the security of insulin pumps. We know this has been discussed quite a bit on Twitter and blogs such as Six Until Me and Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen this weekend so today we thought we’d take the opportunity to answer a few questions about the security of Medtronic insulin pumps.  Read More >

Posted By Karrie Hawbaker | August 4, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: product development, continuous glucose monitoring,

We’re very pleased to introduce you to another one of our executives with a long history of working hard to improve the lives of people with diabetes. Dr. John Mastrototaro, Vice President of Research and Development for the Diabetes business unit of Medtronic, has been with us for more than 17 years.  Read More >

Posted By Amanda Sheldon | August 2, 2011 Posted:  

Tags: insulin pump, continuous glucose monitoring, travel,

A while back you heard about Naomi’s exciting Trip to India. Today, we hear from another world traveler from Medtronic. Elisa Marchetti is a Principal Human Resources Generalist in the Diabetes business unit of Medtronic. But here at The LOOP she’s talking about how to travel without letting diabetes hold you back – from Costa Rica to China!  Read More >

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