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Sick Dog

6 Tips to Help Manage Sick Days

Being sick can be a real drag, even more so if you have diabetes. Managing your diabetes when you’re under the weather can be tricky, so we asked some of our MiniMed Ambassadors to share their sick day management tips. Here are 6 tips they shared that may help you manage your diabetes sick days. What
Standup pump tip

Pump Tip: Square Wave Bolus

MiniMed® Paradigm Models, MiniMed® Revel, MiniMed® 530G system, MiniMed® 630G system Little kids (and big kids alike) might enjoy the treats and other sweet-goodies that go along with Halloween. It’s hard to resist a cupcake decorated like a vampire, we know. As long as you plan and adjust your bolus amounts accordingly, you can

4 Halloween Tips from a Person with Diabetes

Today we’re happy to share a new post from Medtronic team member and PWD, Cheryl. You might remember her past articles on topics ranging from superheros to juice boxes. We’re looking forward to adding Cheryl to our roster of guest bloggers, so you will hear more from her in the near future! A quick
Standup pump tip

Pump Tip: How to Protect Your Insulin Pump

Pump: MiniMed® Paradigm Models, MiniMed® Revel, MiniMed® 530G system, MiniMed® 630G system The cooler weather may have you spending less time lounging on the beach and more time on the trail or football field with friends and family. No matter what activity is your fave, make sure your pump is protected. Anticipating some extra
10 Tips For Finding Your Ideal Endocrinologist | The LOOP Blog

10 Tips for Finding Your Ideal Endocrinologist

Finding your ideal endocrinologist can be hard! Today, we’d like to feature a past article that lends 10 tips for finding the best doctor for you. Whether you’re recently diagnosed with diabetes, recently moved, or are ready for a change, selecting an endocrinologist is important to your diabetes management. The relationship you have with